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30 Mar 17
And why adapted transmission and resource planning are necessary.
24 Mar 17
Global Business Power Corporation's CEO Rolando Bacani fights to keep up with the Philippines' renewable race.
16 Dec 16
Asian Power Awards 2017's CEO of the Year shares how he brought the company to new heights.
11 Nov 16
Non-completion of assets have long been plaguing Essar Power.
28 Oct 16
Industry leader Aung Zaw Naing calls for better sharing of information among hydropower professionals.
22 Sep 16
Vikram Kumar admits public resources are way too meager to meet targets.
2 Sep 16
AT&C losses dropped from 53% to 9% since the acquisition in 2002.
14 Apr 16
Star Energy's Peter Wijaya to shed light on the issue.
28 Mar 16
Balance is the key to achieve ambitious conservative energy goal.
11 Mar 16
This is to assure a secure and transparent environment.
10 Feb 16
Structural changes are taking place in the energy market and ENGIE is already leading the way.
25 Nov 15
CEO Shrirang B. Karandikar says the company now maintains a round-the-clock power supply in Gaya.
9 Oct 15
It has ambitious plans that will ride on the coattails of Indonesia’s power plant investment spree.