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Victor Nian

Victor Nian

Dr. Victor Nian is a research fellow at the Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore. His research interest and expertise is in the areas of atomic energy and energy systems modeling. His works in atomic energy include economics of advanced reactor technologies, trends in reactor technology and market developments, risk analysis of radiological events, safety, security and safeguards, nuclear fusion energy, and policy issues related to atomic energy. His works in energy systems modeling include the development of energy systems modelling tools, modeling analysis using MARKAL and TIMES for policy issues facing Singapore and Southeast Asia, technology assessment in the whole-system approach, water-energy nexus, and hydrogen economy. He is a co-leader of the nuclear special interest group in the Institution of Chemical Engineers (Singapore). He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore.


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