20 Oct 15
5GW of new capacity will come online by 2022.
16 Oct 15
Blame it on the dry spell plaguing the area.
13 Oct 15
Tighter limit is deemed 'challenging'.
6 Oct 15
Will financial and developmental challenges be beaten?
1 Sep 15
Environmental advocates believe that in an ideal world wind, water, and solar technologies would provide 100 percent of the world's energy,...
19 Aug 15
First of 43 reactors goes into operation.
17 Mar 15
Also medical management of a particular syndrome.
11 Mar 15
Possibly affecting clean coal technologies.
4 Feb 15
"Severe violations" are being probed.
27 Jan 15
The new system is packed with sustainability features.
14 Jan 15
And boost efficiency in the energy industry.
23 Oct 14
As the third largest energy consumer in the world, India continues to face serious energy deficiencies.
22 Oct 14
But this rate is likely to slow down.
22 Oct 14
Contrary to current depictions.
22 Oct 14
It has a whopping 800-MW capacity.
15 Oct 14
It's a fossil fuel world.
8 Oct 14
The reason was apparently valuation disconnect.
30 Sep 14
Leading to fuel availability for a project.
29 Aug 14
Metal and power companies are impacted.
22 Aug 14
While QHD coal price continues to drop.
19 Aug 14
Climate change and other environmental issues have slowly started getting required attention in Government development plans.
14 Aug 14
Thanks to government support.
21 Jul 14
Thankfully, spares are available for repair work.
9 Apr 14
Blame it on cheaper technology.
19 Mar 14
Low carbon technologies to be shared.
19 Mar 14
It will be tried for 3 months.
12 Mar 14
Sumatran hotspots also rose to 259.
5 Mar 14
Despite the Fukushima nuke mishap.
4 Mar 14
Over 22,000 individuals have been affected.
3 Mar 14
That's around a whopping US$8.8m.
26 Feb 14
Smoke haze creeps in.
26 Feb 14
27 days have never been this long and hot.
26 Feb 14
In recent years, remarkable economic growth in developing countries has caused a rapid increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in addition to...
19 Feb 14
After haze occurred in January and February.
12 Feb 14
The global nuclear ‘enterprise’ is now three years (March 11, 2011) past the historic Tohoku earthquake (M9.0), subsequent tsunami...
17 Jan 14
It claims of effectively determining true cost of water.
17 Dec 13
The current world population of 7.2 billion is projected to increase by 1 billion over the next 12 years and is estimated to reach 9.6 billion...
16 Dec 13
Earlier this year, I was a speaker in the GreenPower conference which took place in Jakarta which was devoted to the geothermal space in both...