In Focus

18 Apr 17
Are project allocations slowing down alarmingly?
17 Apr 17
The winning bid of ~$0.0487/kWh is 4.5% lower than the bid at REWA auction.
12 Apr 17
But it was found out that rooftop solar sector was lagging.
5 Apr 17
The new changes make these projects financially risky to develop.
3 Apr 17
Will India come at a close second?
29 Mar 17
Are local opportunities no longer interesting?
22 Mar 17
States are scrambling to meet their RPOs.
15 Mar 17
Non-hydro renewables capacity will just double.
8 Mar 17
Japanese PV market demand alone has been plummeting continuously.
27 Feb 17
But despite this, nuclear plants will still depend on political decision, Dr Taryo says.
22 Feb 17
Dr Mohd Zamzam Jaafar admits winning public consent has been harder after Fukushima.
16 Feb 17
What should developers know?
15 Feb 17
Developers urge the regulators to get their act together.
8 Feb 17
"PLN's freedom to negotiate terms has been curtailed," they say.
1 Feb 17
Grid capacities are insufficient for renewables ramp up.
24 Jan 17
Companies will be obliged to sell power to EGAT as contracted.
18 Jan 17
It's going to be fossil fuel for now in Japan.
9 Jan 17
Participation is heavily challenged by a "weak management" of contracts.
21 Dec 16
Are there even enough appropriate incentives for investment?
16 Dec 16
Solar Universe India's Shubhaang Gupta worries that panel manufacturers will have to resort to manufacturing panels against ready orders....
13 Dec 16
Will it soon see an end to its curtailment era?
7 Dec 16
Ultrasupercritical plants will contribute 21% to new coal-fired gross capacity additions.
30 Nov 16
Business revenue for drone services can hit $1.6b.
22 Nov 16
Southeast Asia’s most developed nuclear energy market has decided to give nuclear the flick.
8 Nov 16
Power firms added 149GW of new capacity last year despite flat growth in demand.
2 Nov 16
This caused the sharp 25% slide in solar power prices recently.
26 Oct 16
Without these signed deals, Malaysia can't make nuclear energy happen.
19 Oct 16
Find out why the first CEO of Malaysia’s Nuclear Energy Programme Implementing Organisation believes this and what Malaysia is doing...
12 Oct 16
It has built 13 reactors since 1996.
29 Sep 16
Korea’s vow to go green is plagued with woes.
22 Sep 16
Nominations for the Oscars of the power industry impressively surged to 118.
21 Sep 16
Plant operators will need to build a digital twin for their physical infrastructure.
13 Sep 16
China's impressive wind power figures must not fool the world, analysts say.
2 Sep 16
It's been over a decade since the country started progressively opening the market.
24 Aug 16
Curtailment has averaged to a 4-year high at 15%.
17 Aug 16
It holds tightly to its goal of 96TWh from hydro by 2030.
10 Aug 16
It's eyeing a three-fold growth by 2030.
2 Aug 16
Will system loss charges be slashed off consumers' bills?
11 Jul 16
Tidal energy market value could hit US$11b in 2024.