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4 Dec 17
It will generate 3.37MW of electricity by 2019.
24 Oct 17
Over 200 key industry figures flocked to Malaysia for the event.
3 Oct 17
The deal will give Kunlun Energy access to three LNG receiving terminals.
2 Oct 17
It will be the company's sixth LNG import facility.
22 Sep 17
Theme will be "Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change".
1 Aug 17
Toshiba paid US$2.168b as compensation.
24 Jul 17
The project includes a 200MW gas-fired plant.
3 Jul 17
The center is to remotly monitor medium and low-voltage grids.
30 Jun 17
Find out what's in store for attendees.
23 Jun 17
The project will provide 66MW of power.
19 Jun 17
The 200MW project is in partnership with Datang.
15 Jun 17
It's a 116-turbine in Victoria.
29 May 17
The project is worth Rs225 crore.
29 May 17
The site will be home to six 1000MW reactors.
28 May 17
The new unit was commissioned in January 2017.
28 May 17
The plans are for the final investment decision.
15 May 17
The 15MW farm will be fully operational by mid-2017.
10 May 17
27 units of wind turbines will be installed.
2 May 17
The investment was for a 45% stake in Azure Power's subsidiary.
2 May 17
How will gas producers take this?
25 Apr 17
It is joined by 7 other international utilities.
24 Apr 17
Any bid below 10MW will not be considered.
21 Apr 17
These projects are worth Rs 2,862 crore.
17 Apr 17
The PV system will generate up to 14GW of solar energy.
17 Apr 17
This is for Tanjung Jati B coal-fired power plant's new units.
10 Apr 17
It's a UK_based residential battery and storage firm.
4 Apr 17
The assets have combined capacity of 650MW.
30 Mar 17
The deal is owrth US$1.25b over the next 5 years.
17 Mar 17
HVDC market is globally valued at US$6b.
9 Mar 17
Gaps in stakeholder expectations must be addressed.
2 Mar 17
Japan's thermal market is expected to hit US$131b in 2020.
1 Mar 17
Fluctuations of renewable power are addressed better.
28 Feb 17
The plant will be under Cambodian Energy II CO.
24 Feb 17
It's slated to generate 1.3m kWh a year.
27 Jan 17
Over $1b spent annually in R&D for new products Oil giant Shell has is finding a niche in the energy sustainability conversation...