30 Mar 17
And why adapted transmission and resource planning are necessary.
29 Mar 17
Employers in North America and Asia made the heaviest staffing cutback.
27 Mar 17
There'll be 1.9m new roles by 2035, but not enough applicants.
15 Feb 17
Developers urge the regulators to get their act together.
10 Feb 17
Find out what her discussion points will be.
16 Dec 16
Hacking incidents rose from 1,179 to 7,391.
16 Dec 16
Asian Power Awards 2017's CEO of the Year shares how he brought the company to new heights.
11 Nov 16
Consumers are there to catch them anyway, says analyst.
28 Oct 16
Industry leader Aung Zaw Naing calls for better sharing of information among hydropower professionals.
26 Oct 16
Without these signed deals, Malaysia can't make nuclear energy happen.
22 Sep 16
Vikram Kumar admits public resources are way too meager to meet targets.
2 Sep 16
AT&C losses dropped from 53% to 9% since the acquisition in 2002.
14 Apr 16
Star Energy's Peter Wijaya to shed light on the issue.
6 Jan 16
Find out what's drawing them to the event.
25 Nov 15
CEO Shrirang B. Karandikar says the company now maintains a round-the-clock power supply in Gaya.
9 Oct 15
It has ambitious plans that will ride on the coattails of Indonesia’s power plant investment spree.
3 Sep 15
The Oscars of the power industry pops the champagne on its 11th year.
25 Aug 15
The best will be unveiled in over a week.
31 Mar 15
But generation remained unimpressive.
12 Mar 14
Why is it a potential target?
18 Nov 13
The OWL Group is the only truly ASEAN high end power engineering consultancy company having been established in Thailand and expanded...
18 Nov 13
The OWL Group is the only truly ASEAN high end power engineering consultancy company having been established in Thailand and expanded into the...
14 Nov 13
According to a release, on November 18, Chris van Gend will become new Regional Manager Engineering Asia for Allianz Global Corporate...
26 Sep 13
Sunday 8 September was an exciting day in Japan.
2 Apr 13
Took over yesterday as boss of the Energy Market Authority.
24 Oct 12
Thanks to rapid financial and energy growth.
22 Sep 12
Erstwhile Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, Hoang Quoc Vuong, has been appointed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung as chairman of the...
1 Sep 12
Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, previously known as Tata BP Solar India, has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Power.
29 Jun 12
A famous sporting coach once said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual....
1 Jun 12
It’s no secret that the power installation market is heating up in Southeast Asia.
3 May 12
Industries all over the world are continually facing hurdles when it comes to recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.
3 May 12
Japan's electricity sector is creating a new frontier when it comes to electricity market planning.
2 Apr 12
In years past that referred to the difference between the thinking of the older generation and the younger generation.
15 Mar 12
TEPCO's hiring of a former Tokyo Metropolitan Government official to collect the capital's energy policy information placed it under...
16 Feb 12
Tenaga Nasional Berhad's Board of Director's will soon name its new boss.
1 Feb 12
Hashim Djojohadikusumo is diversifying his business interests and setting up new ventures that include renewable energy.
14 Jan 12
Jijun Shi and Stephen Huang and Jijun Shi have been promoted by ReneSola to new executive positions.
14 Jan 12
REC's group management and wafer and silicon division added new members as it moves from Oslo to Singapore and Munich.