10 Feb 17
Three companies have been working on the guide since 2014.
9 Feb 17
Renewable projects could become uneconomical in the future.
8 Feb 17
"PLN's freedom to negotiate terms has been curtailed," they say.
8 Feb 17
This is to help cut down government subsidies to renewables industry.
26 Jan 17
In order to fulfil its commitments under the Paris climate change agreement, Singapore’s climate action plan includes a number of strategies...
20 Jan 17
104 projects in almost 13 provinces.
20 Jan 17
This comes as it aggressively cracks down on coal power overcapacity.
16 Jan 17
It eyes upgrading capacity up to 1,350MW.
16 Jan 17
It eyes boosting renewables use from 4% to 20%.
10 Jan 17
Affected natural gas plants will run on alternative or replacement fuel.
9 Jan 17
Participation is heavily challenged by a "weak management" of contracts.
27 Dec 16
We caught Vietnam's 180-degree turn from being a nuclear leader to a nuclear naysayer.
23 Dec 16
It eyes boosting share of natural gas to 15% from 6.5%.
15 Dec 16
Renewables investment surged 160% from 2010-2015.
15 Dec 16
Electricity authority says peak power demand will be 20.7% lower in the coming years.
13 Dec 16
Bid-submission deadlines for tenders have been repeatedly extended.
13 Dec 16
Government must tap the residential market, said Hartek Singh, chairman of EPC firm Hartek Power.
13 Dec 16
12,000 Indonesian villages are still unelectrified.
8 Dec 16
Approval for restart finally came after 3 months.
6 Dec 16
Expect a 20% slash at around Rmb0.2/kWh.
28 Nov 16
Firms still exploring are to get 100% reduction in land tax.
25 Nov 16
Final approval can be given after a 30-day comment period.
25 Nov 16
Installations surged to almost 1,500 in just 8 years.
22 Nov 16
Southeast Asia’s most developed nuclear energy market has decided to give nuclear the flick.
6 Oct 16
Just under a year on from COP 21, three of the main players – the US, China, and India – have now ratified the Paris treaty on climate...
9 Aug 16
Maturing into its ten years of commercial operations, the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) has seen its share of volatility and regulatory...
20 May 16
"If people can pay, there's a way" is India's new market mantra.
11 May 16
Most APAC countries are continuing the usage.
27 Apr 16
The electrification subsidy in missionary areas started on May 1, 1988 with the proclamation by the President of the Philippines that electricity...
27 Apr 16
The country’s ambitions might be too lofty, experts say.
18 Nov 15
Eight major projects open up new opportunities.
3 Nov 15
Potential improvements to Hong Kong's present electricity regulation scheme can be made, but they may result in unintended outcomes....
13 Oct 15
Tighter limit is deemed 'challenging'.
5 Oct 15
The reliability of the electric power generation system is vital to the economic and social well being of Hong Kong.
23 Jul 15
When you flick a switch, there is light, it's as simple as that.
6 Jan 15
In November 2014, China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced via a Notice for Transmission and Distribution Rate...
28 Oct 14
When Japan instituted the Renewable Energy Act (REA) in 2012, the stated policy was to encourage the development of renewable energy but to...
23 Oct 14
As the third largest energy consumer in the world, India continues to face serious energy deficiencies.
10 Sep 14
Driven by strong cost discipline.