Chart of the Week

5 Apr 17
Only 1.9GW of solar was tendered versus 3.4GW in 4Q16.
7 Mar 17
Solar sector is ballooning at a rapid pace.
16 Jan 17
Total new capacity addition of 9GW is being expected come 2017.
14 Sep 16
It has become highly dependent on coal and LNG.
23 Jun 16
Capacity is projected to jump to 27.8GW by 2030.
29 Mar 16
China is on track in being the number 1.
23 Mar 16
Its regulatory environment is still immature.
1 Mar 16
Capacity expansion is aggressive, but headwinds in demand side persist.
5 Nov 15
But its untapped potential is still mired in issues.
27 Oct 15
Power use has been surging by 7.7% a year.
20 Oct 15
5GW of new capacity will come online by 2022.
13 Oct 15
Zero in on the ASEAN power grid, analysts say.