Country Report

26 Jul 18
Some utilities see batteries as the solution to improve the economics of a larger scale roof-top solar industry.
26 Jul 18
Sustaining the momentum will mean grappling with current overcapacity and a scrutinising regulatory merger regime.
30 Mar 18
Current policies are behind the times and technology.
30 Mar 18
The sector is bright and shining, but experts are afraid that players are getting way ahead of themselves as issues on lack of access roads, clean...
26 May 17
Support has started on a policy level, but much of the groundwork remains undone.
20 Apr 17
It's taking a leap towards becoming the undisputed renewable powerhouse of a low carbon-consuming world.
29 Sep 16
Korea’s vow to go green is plagued with woes.
2 Sep 16
Indonesia is keen to push for this despite gaping potholes.
25 Aug 16
Clamour for open and transparent development plans are getting louder.
23 Jun 16
Take away China from the equation, and the massive plans for interconnecting Asia’s power sector could be shaky.
20 May 16
"If people can pay, there's a way" is India's new market mantra.
22 Apr 16
A big catch lurks behind the attraction and scares investors away.
28 Mar 16
Taiwan’s energy industry is revealed to be the product of an era that engages high-level regulation.
12 Feb 16
It's high time for Myanmar to tap its power sector.