Issue of the Week

6 Sep 17
Chinese players are hardest hit as coal’s glory days come to a close.
11 Nov 16
Consumers are there to catch them anyway, says analyst.
1 Mar 16
Energy and peak deficit both slid to 2.6% and 4.7%.
19 Feb 16
Do not be deceived by enticing investment environment, analysts warn.
19 Feb 16
Utlisation levels have all been plummeting.
27 Jan 16
The country's plan is deemed "overly ambitious".
19 Jan 16
When it comes to power generation in Asia, coal is still undeniably the king.
13 Jan 16
Their inability to purchase power pulled utlisation down.
12 Jan 16
China is awfully torn between coal power reduction and further growing its exports.
18 Nov 15
Current electrificiation rate is just 30%.