Sector Report

1 Jun 17
Can the increasing penetration of wind power be handled without threatening the stability of the power system?
16 Feb 17
Resources are vast and policies have been strengthened, yet Asia is a laggard.
11 Nov 16
If Singapore’s solar power dreams don’t push through, its banks have some explaining to do.
2 Sep 16
Only 41GW of hydro potential are being used.
23 Jun 16
Much has been learnt, but will nuke generation be revived in Japan?
28 Mar 16
Governments are pressured to keep up with the clean trend.
19 Feb 16
It's working hard to be in the sector's "hot spot".
1 Dec 15
Dependence must be reduced to 40% by 2036.
24 Nov 15
Even commercial feasibility is still haunting the country.
18 Nov 15
Why are Chinese firms rushing to go solar asap?
27 Oct 15
Japan's nuke dependence will definitely shrink.