Environment Commentaries

1 Dec 2011
BY Adrian John
China Power Capacity Additions Expenditure to Total $1.2 Trillion between 2012 and 2021 Total expenditure on power capacity additions in China 2002-2021 Since late 2002 power market restructuring and regulation in China has provided a stable investment environment that has supported massive investment in generation capacity over the past decade.
1 Sep 2011
BY Henry Lau
Today, we are witnessing a potent combination of factors, which together are driving organizations across the process industries to optimize their energy consumption.
1 Jul 2011
BY Gaurav Sarup
Sustainability factors such as water, land, GHG emissions, and fuel availability are slated to pose the greatest risks to power plants.
1 Jul 2011
BY William Byun
Before the Deluge “One customer, one product, one general price for 20 years”.
1 Jul 2011
BY Nazery Khalid
Shipping : Malaysia’s lifeline Shipping, which transports 90 per cent of global trade, holds economic and environmental advantage over other modes of transport.
3 May 2011
BY Ashutosh Pandey
That climate change will have a significant impact on the power sector is a given.
3 May 2011
Affordable, reliable, clean energy is essential to the economic prosperity of all nations – especially to underpin the development of emerging and developing economies.
1 Apr 2011
As I write this in Sydney the Australian body politic fights a continuing battle over whether Australia will or won’t have a carbon tax and, if so, what form will it take and which sectors are to be fully or partly compensated.
1 Apr 2011
In the wake of the earthquake in Japan and the subsequent problems with several nuclear plants, people are beginning to doubt nuclear energy more and more.
12 Jul 2010
Soaring energy needs, volatile oil prices and an increased focus on curbing global warming have spurred investments in clean energy, or “green financing”.