People Commentaries

31 Mar 2017
BY Kate Lazarus & Amy Luinstra
Hydropower is traditionally a male-dominated field.
26 Sep 2013
BY Frenk Withoos
Sunday 8 September was an exciting day in Japan.
29 Jun 2012
BY Andrew T. Holden
A famous sporting coach once said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Teamwork, and its impact on organizational success, is certainly nothing new in the business world, but with the increasing challenges of a global marketplace organizations have never depended on the impact of top-tier dynamic employees more than right now.
1 Jun 2012
BY Ashley Kelly
It’s no secret that the power installation market is heating up in Southeast Asia.
3 May 2012
BY Ashley Kelly
Industries all over the world are continually facing hurdles when it comes to recruiting and retaining qualified personnel.
3 May 2012
BY Craig Froome
Japan's electricity sector is creating a new frontier when it comes to electricity market planning.
2 Apr 2012
BY Dale Gerstenslager
In years past that referred to the difference between the thinking of the older generation and the younger generation.