Power Utility Commentaries

9 Jan 2019
BY Tim Camp
For several years now, European OEMs Vestas and Siemens Gamesa have firmly held the top two positions in lists of the leading global turbine manufacturers.
14 Nov 2018
BY Inez Rakhmani
Indonesia currently has over 230 million inhabitants spread out in 34 provinces demanding basic supplies for domestic and industrial needs.
14 Nov 2018
BY Muhamad Reza, PhD
Just in the last four months, July to October 2018, seven earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5 have hit Indonesia.
24 Apr 2018
BY Matthew Heling
Widely known to have vast solar potential, Southeast Asian countries have used a variety of methods to drive solar deployment in the last several years.
12 Feb 2018
BY Matthew Heling
Utility-scale solar PV continues to grow at a breakneck pace, driven by continually falling prices, including 19.7 USD/MWh in the recent Mexico auction and 17.9 USD/MWh in the recent Saudi Arabia auction – price levels that were nearly inconceivable even just a few years ago.
19 May 2017
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
I am starting a series on recipes for procedures to support Asian countries in developing Renewable Energies.
24 Apr 2017
BY William Byun
Michael Graetzel of Switzerland, is announced as the winner of the 2017 Global Energy Prize for his “transcendent merits in the development of low cost and efficient solar cells”.
15 Jun 2016
BY Suresh Vishwakarma & Dr Ruchi Tyagi
Customers' satisfaction is now gaining vital importance at power distribution companies (DISCOMs) around the globe.
29 Apr 2016
BY Peter Hopper
Why your customers might not be the best guide to the future.
12 Apr 2016
BY Anton Finenko & Jacqueline Tao
Two years ago a commentary about the future of renewable energy in Singapore was released.
5 Oct 2015
BY Peter Hopper & Alice Yung
The reliability of the electric power generation system is vital to the economic and social well being of Hong Kong.
23 Jul 2015
BY Peter Hopper
When you flick a switch, there is light, it's as simple as that.
18 Mar 2015
BY Frenk Withoos
Four years have passed since the Fukushima Nuclear disaster and the impact is still strongly being felt.
2 Sep 2014
BY Debajit Das
Over one-fifth of Southeast Asia’s 600 million people do not have access to electricity.
12 May 2014
BY Daniel Nimmo
Another technology-led area of transformation involving big data for the energy sector is in customer interactions.
2 May 2014
BY Gerard Burg
Following a period of dramatic industrialisation in the country, China’s energy consumption has risen significantly over the past fifteen years.
22 Apr 2014
BY David Milligan
Bangladesh desperately needs to generate more electricity.
11 Apr 2014
BY Daniel Nimmo
Demand for electrical power in Asian countries is nothing short of staggering; the World Energy Outlook 2013 report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) Non-OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) shows countries in Asia hold the largest share of global growth in primary energy demand at 65%[1].
10 Apr 2014
BY Jason Goh
In the last decade, Singapore’s population has grown by 25 percent and this number will continue to grow for another ten years.
28 Mar 2014
BY Nigel West
Back in 2011, after the Fukushima disaster, it appeared as though Japan’s nuclear dream was in tatters.
25 Mar 2014
BY Phillip Vaughan
Liberalisation is a market change with a relaxation of rules allowing new players to enter a market.
30 Jan 2014
BY Avanthika Satheesh and Harsh Thacker
Overview of power sector in Vietnam Vietnam is one of the few countries in the Southeast Asia region that has established regulatory bodies in the Power sector.
22 Jan 2014
BY William Byun
With the season for New Year’s resolutions also comes the inevitable resigned sighs of policymakers in the region approaching solar.
12 Dec 2013
BY Steve Minnihan
Currency fluctuations have always impacted international business, but these fluctuations can have significant effects if a portion of a technology’s value chain is heavily concentrated in one currency.
7 Nov 2013
BY Alexander Moskalenko
Prospects for nuclear power are impressive, and it is a positive moment for Asia. Let's start with the fact that nuclear power is really one of the most environmentally friendly: during normal operation, the environmental impact of nuclear power plants is three times less than that of the traditionally popular thermal power plants.  Yes, the consequences of accidents can be catastrophic, but so far the largest – let it be so - remains Chernobyl. The accident at the nuclear power plant at "Fukushima -1" resulted, of course, in a real tragedy, but its consequences cannot be put on par with Chernobyl.
21 Oct 2013
BY Barry Desker
ASEAN’s energy sector is facing major challenges.
21 Oct 2013
BY Harsh Thacker
The electricity demand is expected to grow in the world’s 16th largest economy and the fourth most populated country, Indonesia at an average of 10.1% per annum till 2031.
21 Oct 2013
BY Foerd Ames
At the same time countries such as Iran proclaim nuclear energy development is “a matter of national pride”, China is evolving practical approaches to a new Asian power paradigm. While not yet abandoning fission and thermal plants, burning over 3.5 billion tons of coal in 2012, and exploring oxymoronic “synthetic natural” gas-i.e.
21 Oct 2013
BY Neelesh Sachdeva
Recently concluded Monsoon session of Indian parliament saw a spate of bills getting through.
28 Aug 2013
BY Dr Weerawat Chantanakome
ASEAN countries have some way to go in using energy efficiently.
17 Jul 2013
BY Foerd Ames
Fossil hydrocarbon and gas combustion has provided the bulk of power distribution reliability for over one century.
18 Jun 2013
BY Eugene Chen 陳仲漁
There are encouraging news in promoting green energy including that Japan will become a new star of solar power.
4 Jun 2013
BY Adriaan Kamp and Ahmad Reza Mir Mohammadi
Exploring journals, internet, and news, you would find enormous literature and hot discussion over energy issues.
4 Jun 2013
BY Edward Cahill
The solar photovoltaic (PV) market is poised to rise from the ashes of its 2011 crisis to grow to $155 billion in 2018, as market forces engineer a turnaround to a healthy 10.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).
4 Jun 2013
BY Aditya Ranade
Lux Research recently published a report, “Getting to Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings- Ambitious Targets, Modest Progress,” examining the drivers behind the new construction market for nearly-zero and net-zero energy buildings and projecting the market size over the next five years for building envelope materials in such buildings.
27 May 2013
BY Girish Ghatikar
India has and continues to face significant challenges in reliable supply of electricity.
10 May 2013
BY Frenk Withoos
In March 2013 Japan's prime-minister, Abe, completed his 3 months in office.
6 May 2013
BY Adriaan Kamp
A free market where the present lowest cost fuel solution wins.
30 Apr 2013
BY Narasimhan Santhanam
Post 2010, a demand slump following the abolition of feed-in-tariff policies in Italy & Germany caused a supply glut in global markets leading to a fire-sale of solar modules.
11 Apr 2013
BY Michael Warady
What is it about the Chinese solar industry that scares us so much?