Project Commentaries

15 May 2019
BY Chee Meng Tan
The world has woken up to the vast potential of renewables with nations across the globe ramping up their efforts to switch to renewable fuel sources to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change.
15 Jan 2018
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
One of the major issues in solar power that is usually overlooked and is so fundamental to our life is water.
15 Sep 2017
BY Pramod Jain & Arun Ramamurthy
Internet of Things (IoT) is billed as the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
15 Sep 2017
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
Continuing my series on recipes for procedures to support Asia to develop PV capacity I am devoting this one to the tariffs.
13 Feb 2017
BY Graham Tyler
Monkey proved to be a subdued year for the Southeast Asia energy sector – so will the Rooster wake up the region from its slumber?
24 Nov 2016
BY Kate Lazarus
Optimising project siting and configuration are the most effective environmental and social risk avoidance measures in hydropower development.
23 Nov 2016
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
Almost all in this sector have already read many texts and technical reports on the hidden costs of intermittent sources or Variable Renewable Power (VRP) as solar PV and wind.
30 Aug 2016
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
Many of the PV industry players have already wished for opportunities that were faster, easier, and better defined than actually develop a PV project from zero, though some of us have developed pretty neat skills doing exactly this.
1 Jul 2016
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
The solar park concept is similar to an economic zone dedicated to the generation of power through solar energy and also to the manufacturing of solar energy components.
22 Jan 2016
BY Erik Knive & Eric Ho
A specific objective mentioned in Myanmar's New Electricity Law 2014 is the intent to "increase foreign… investments in electricity-related work" and provision is made for the issuance and revocation of licenses to foreign investors.
2 Sep 2014
BY Arun Kundu
Singapore is making headway in developing its own smart grid infrastructure.
6 Mar 2014
BY Sam A. Rushing
China is planning numerous carbon capture and storage projects, which often combine enhanced oil recovery ventures.
24 Feb 2014
BY Dr Jong Kyun Park
Nuclear newcomers’ desire for nuclear power has not decreased even after the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan.
5 Dec 2013
BY Andrew Nicholls, Carolyn Dong, and Yao Chi
The 2011 Feed-in-Tariff (Solar) As mentioned in the previous article, in July 2011, the Chinese government decided to set a unified national benchmark price for solar PV projects by releasing the Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on Perfection of Policy Regarding the Feed-in Tariff for Power Generated by Solar PV (the "2011 Feed-in-Tariff (Solar)").
27 Nov 2013
BY Andrew Nicholls, Carolyn Dong, and Yao Chi
China has one of the largest markets of renewables in the world and possesses rich solar resources.
14 Nov 2013
BY Jerrold Wang
In August 2013, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry (METI) announced the launch of a Smart Mansion Assessment System for multi-unit residential (MURB) buildings.
21 Oct 2013
BY Shamim Razavi and Bintang Hidayanto
Based on even the most conservative estimates of Indonesian growth, demand for power in the already under-supplied archipelago will grow by 7% each year for the foreseeable future.
4 Jun 2013
BY Adriaan Kamp and Ahmad Reza Mir Mohammadi
In our practice, executive classrooms and group interventions, and when talking Energy and Energy transition- I focus a lot on three important elements for the realization of successful energy (transition) programs : 1) Global Change, Scenario's, Vision and strategy: identifying the reasons and issues for change and choice, and a durable (pro- or reactive) vision, position and strategy in this change. 2) Execution: Organising and Delivering Performances 3) Leadership and Change: Value and Values.
10 May 2013
BY Steve Minnihan
One of the most interesting and telling trends discussed on the report, “Finding the Perfect Partner in the Global Grid Storage Market” is the clear focus on start-up financing and support in the American markets, contrasted with the heavy activity in fundamental university research in the Asian markets.
10 May 2013
BY Phillip Vaughan
Revolution is U.S. television series that takes place in a post- apocalyptic dystopian future.
10 May 2013
BY Peter J. Rae
Mobilization of financing for power sector infrastructure development must be founded on a sound basis of technical, environmental, social, economic and financial principles.
6 Mar 2013
BY Edward Cahill
Oversupply increased in 2012 as global production capacity rose 10 GW while demand rose less than 3 GW as Chinese manufacturers, such as Yingli, which added 600 MW, and Trina, which added 500 MW of capacity in 2012, continue to increase capacity.
6 Mar 2013
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
The deployment of PV has seen a dramatic increase in the last decade and is poised to take over wind in this decade as wind reaches its “easy-to-reach” potential and solar is barely starting to penetrate the generation mix worldwide.
5 Feb 2013
BY Brad Buecker
Many power generation facilities have been constructed or are under development in Asia.
5 Feb 2013
BY Edward Cahill
Before 2008, encapsulant suppliers from Germany, the U.S., and Japan, such as STR Solar, Mitsui Chemicals, Bridgestone, and Solutia (Etimex), were the dominant companies producing EVA film – taking 60% of the global market share.
12 Sep 2012
BY Thomas Hagedorn
In recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has emerged as a strong driver of worldwide economic activity.
8 Aug 2012
BY Zhun Ma
Sanhua Group, a Chinese listed company, plans to invest RMB 600 million (US $95 million) to install 600 dish-turbine units in Inner Mongolia as the first phase of a concentrated solar power (CSP) project.
29 Jun 2012
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
Under the context of Renewable energies Bankability takes shape under several concepts and it is interesting to see that the concept has an Asian concept that is completely different from the European or North American one.
29 Jun 2012
BY Adrian John
In spite of current market conditions in India, favourable project economics are set to support coal power as the default baseload capacity option with over $154 billion capex expected between 2012 and 2020 Since market restructuring that principally began with the Electricity Act 2003, India’s power capacity has grown at a strong CAGR of 6.8% – growing from 130GW to 220GW at year-end 2011.
5 Jun 2012
BY Richard Jun Li
The National Energy Bureau (NEB) recently approved two offshore wind power projects with an aggregate capacity of 246 MW in Guangdong province in Southern China.
5 Jun 2012
BY Ehtesham Uddin
In Asian Power market, “Middle East” is the largest economy having higher concentration of dual purpose power and water plants, mainly due to the requirement of desalinated water in this part of the world and secondly it is the economical way to produce drinking water.
1 Jun 2012
BY Laurie Pearson
Despite the adoption of a new electricity law in 2009 liberating the Indonesian electricity market, most electricity generated in Indonesia is sold to PLN, the state-owned utility, under 25 or 30-year power purchase agreements (PPAs).
3 May 2012
BY Ehtesham Uddin
Super grid is on the card now.
3 May 2012
April 18, 2012 - On January 3, 2012, Platts launched a daily 7-45 day forward FOB Newcastle 5500 kcal/kg Net As Received thermal coal price assessment, the first publisher to do so.
2 Apr 2012
Japan is pressing its case as a buyer of LNG from North America.
2 Apr 2012
BY Frenk Withoos
As a consequence of the devastating March 2011 disaster, the Japan power sector vulnerability was revealed and has ever since been a critical component to reassess.
2 Apr 2012
BY Anke Verhagen
The long-term outlook for the solar PV industry as a whole looks bright in Rabobank’s view, even though the next couple of years are likely to be turbulent, especially for manufacturing companies.
5 Mar 2012
BY Rasika Gokhale Athawale
Rooftop solar projects are a known phenomenon nowadays.
5 Mar 2012
BY Zhuo Zhang
In recent discussions with a scientist at China Guodian Corporation, one of China’s five biggest electricity power generation corporations, it was disclosed that State Grid is less likely to open new energy storage projects for renewable energies and its electricity grids in the near future.
1 Sep 2011
BY Robin Pickup
A scenario: • You identify an attractive investment opportunity that requires its assets to perform safely and reliably . • You will be the subject of severe reputation and financial penalties should the plant fail to perform as contracted. • Your main contractor is fine on deliver but is stating they have some 400 global suppliers to whom they will subcontract equipment orders. • Safe and reliable delivery of the equipment is essential .Failure would have unacceptable negative impact on your brand and financial return. • You have substantial uncertainty ,substantial risk and hard questioning from your stakeholders How do you mitigate the uncertainty and lower the risk to retain the investments attractiveness to you and your stakeholder ?