Regulation Commentaries

22 May 2019
BY Bree Miechel
This article was co-authored by Hugo Le Ridou, Reed Smith.
15 May 2019
BY John Yeap, Nick Wang, James Harris
Taiwan is undoubtedly one of Asia's most exciting jurisdictions for offshore wind development right now.
13 Mar 2019
BY John Yeap, Nick Wang, James Harris
Taiwan's ambitious offshore wind power programme is now well known.
6 Mar 2019
BY Simon Nicholas
With Chinese thermal coal imports set to go into decline, coal exporters are depending on countries like Pakistan to pick up the slack.
6 Mar 2019
BY Gautam Jindal
Earlier in January, electricity retailer Red Dot Power (RDP) announced its exit from the electricity market, citing a “financial challenging period.” RDP was one of the 14 electricity retailers that participated in the pilot launch of the Open Electricity Market (OEM) in 2018.
6 Mar 2019
BY Kohe Hasan
Sri Lanka has been one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia in recent years.
9 Jan 2019
BY Bree Miechel
This article was co-authored by Ariel Huang and Billy Wu, Associates, LCS & Partners.
14 Nov 2018
BY Melissa Brown
Winston Churchill is famous for many reasons, one of which was his remarkable facility with the English language.
18 Jul 2018
BY Bree Miechel
This commentary submission was co-written with Natalie Lau (Reed Smith), Lucia Yiou and Mindy Huang (LCS & Partners).  Taiwan is seeking a dramatic energy transformation targeting 20% of its energy mix to come from renewable energy sources by 2025 (approximately 27GW of capacity).
18 Jul 2018
BY Dan Perera
China’s reported trillion-dollar One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative is something we have all heard a great deal of, over several years now.
16 Apr 2018
BY RV Ahilan
The future of offshore wind energy will combine the application of global experience and local expertise to deliver projects tailored to the needs of the market.
12 Sep 2017
BY Vikram Kumar
For emerging economies in Asia and beyond, ‘business as usual’ is no longer enough for hydropower development.
8 Aug 2017
BY Eric Ho
As renewables markets mature, renewables investors are looking to new markets for their next source of growth.
20 Apr 2017
BY Gautam Jindal
Earlier this year, the Singapore government announced that it will impose a tax on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from 2019.
28 Mar 2017
BY Agostinho Miguel Garcia
Net metering started by being a very sexy idea in regards to the development of rooftops.
14 Feb 2017
BY Eric Ho
Welcome to the year of the fire rooster, a year unlike the previous year of the monkey which followed the path of curiosity, the rooster is disciplined and takes charge.
26 Jan 2017
BY Gautam Jindal
In order to fulfil its commitments under the Paris climate change agreement, Singapore’s climate action plan includes a number of strategies, including reduction of emissions from its power generation sector.
6 Oct 2016
BY Graham Tyler
Just under a year on from COP 21, three of the main players – the US, China, and India – have now ratified the Paris treaty on climate change initiatives.
9 Aug 2016
BY Eric Ho
Maturing into its ten years of commercial operations, the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) has seen its share of volatility and regulatory intervention.
27 Apr 2016
BY Urbano Mendiola, Jr.
The electrification subsidy in missionary areas started on May 1, 1988 with the proclamation by the President of the Philippines that electricity rates in all islands outside the main grids shall be pegged at P2.50/kWh.
3 Nov 2015
BY Peter Hopper & Alice Yung
Potential improvements to Hong Kong's present electricity regulation scheme can be made, but they may result in unintended outcomes.
5 Oct 2015
BY Peter Hopper & Alice Yung
The reliability of the electric power generation system is vital to the economic and social well being of Hong Kong.
23 Jul 2015
BY Peter Hopper
When you flick a switch, there is light, it's as simple as that.
6 Jan 2015
BY Akira Tokuhiro
In November 2014, China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced via a Notice for Transmission and Distribution Rate Reform Pilot in Shenzhen, a first-of-a-kind (FOAK) initiative to induce 'change' in the existing business model.
28 Oct 2014
BY Arthur Mitchell
When Japan instituted the Renewable Energy Act (REA) in 2012, the stated policy was to encourage the development of renewable energy but to avoid the "boom and bust" cycles seen in other countries.
23 Oct 2014
BY Jay Cheema
As the third largest energy consumer in the world, India continues to face serious energy deficiencies.
23 Apr 2014
BY William Byun & Marilia Paraschou
With a growing population projected to reach 100 million and a sustained economic boom, the need for new power generation in the Philippines is as obvious as the threats of blackouts.
4 Apr 2014
BY Anton Finenko
Around the world, governments are stepping up efforts to grow their renewable energy capabilities in order to address climate change and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
13 Mar 2014
BY Adrian John
In early March 2014, at China’s National People’s Congress, Premier Li Keqiang declared war on pollution, as the issues of smog, hazardous air quality levels, and broader environmental challenges gained unprecedented political attention.
19 Feb 2014
BY John Yeap
In March 2012, the NDRC, Ministry of Finance, MLR and NEA jointly issued a development plan designated for China's shale gas development.
13 Feb 2014
BY John Yeap
According to the US Energy Information Agency, China has the largest known shale gas reserves in the world.
29 Aug 2013
BY Edward Cahill
Reuters recently reported on the Chinese government's plans to consolidate Chinese polysilicon capacity.
22 Aug 2013
BY Richard Bowmaker
Singapore’s highly developed economy is widely considered to be one of the most dynamic and successful in the world.
31 Jul 2013
BY Edward Cahill
China's Ministry of Commerce declared provisional antidumping (AD) duties against solar-grade polysilicon from the U.S.
1 Apr 2013
BY Rasika Gokhale Athawale
India is the fourth largest electricity network in the world with a gross generation capacity of 211 GW.
5 Dec 2012
BY Edward Cahill
After Japan announced a generous feed-in-tariff (FIT), Japan has become one of the hottest new PV markets in the world.
4 Dec 2012
BY Suman Ghorai
Since the beginning of the power sector reform in India, several initiatives have been taken for commercial performance improvements of distribution companies; however, the desired results have not been achieved even after significant investment in the sector during last ten years.
12 Sep 2012
BY Prima Madan & Vivek Dhariwal
Technological advancements, is changing the way or rather simplifying the way electricity is measured and communicated to both producers and consumers.
8 Aug 2012
BY Dale Gerstenslager
It’s a common perception that we have a carbon problem here on earth.
29 Jun 2012
BY Jerrold Wang
The Shanghai Municipal Development & Reform Commission recently issued a policy descriptively named "Implementation Advice on Accelerating the Establishment of Building Energy Consumption Monitoring Systems in Shanghai’s Government and Large Public Buildings" (“Implementation Advice”).