22 May 19
This article was co-authored by Hugo Le Ridou, Reed Smith.
15 May 19
The world has woken up to the vast potential of renewables with nations across the globe ramping up their efforts to switch to renewable fuel...
15 May 19
Taiwan is undoubtedly one of Asia's most exciting jurisdictions for offshore wind development right now.
13 Mar 19
Taiwan's ambitious offshore wind power programme is now well known.
6 Mar 19
With Chinese thermal coal imports set to go into decline, coal exporters are depending on countries like Pakistan to pick up the slack.
6 Mar 19
Earlier in January, electricity retailer Red Dot Power (RDP) announced its exit from the electricity market, citing a “financial challenging...
6 Mar 19
Sri Lanka has been one of the fastest growing economies in South Asia in recent years.
27 Feb 19
Governments around the world are putting policies in place to curb carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
9 Jan 19
For several years now, European OEMs Vestas and Siemens Gamesa have firmly held the top two positions in lists of the leading global turbine...
9 Jan 19
This article was co-authored by Ariel Huang and Billy Wu, Associates, LCS & Partners.
14 Nov 18
Indonesia currently has over 230 million inhabitants spread out in 34 provinces demanding basic supplies for domestic and industrial needs....
14 Nov 18
Winston Churchill is famous for many reasons, one of which was his remarkable facility with the English language.
14 Nov 18
Just in the last four months, July to October 2018, seven earthquakes with magnitude greater than 5 have hit Indonesia.
18 Jul 18
This commentary submission was co-written with Natalie Lau (Reed Smith), Lucia Yiou and Mindy Huang (LCS & Partners). ...
18 Jul 18
China’s reported trillion-dollar One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative is something we have all heard a great deal of, over several years now...
24 Apr 18
Widely known to have vast solar potential, Southeast Asian countries have used a variety of methods to drive solar deployment in the last several...
16 Apr 18
The future of offshore wind energy will combine the application of global experience and local expertise to deliver projects tailored to the needs...
6 Apr 18
Last year, while presenting Singapore’s budget for 2017, the Singapore Finance Minister announced that Singapore will impose a tax on...
12 Feb 18
Utility-scale solar PV continues to grow at a breakneck pace, driven by continually falling prices, including 19.7 USD/MWh in the recent Mexico...
15 Jan 18
One of the major issues in solar power that is usually overlooked and is so fundamental to our life is water.
1 Dec 17
I decided to stop my recipes on PV projects this month.
15 Sep 17
Internet of Things (IoT) is billed as the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
15 Sep 17
Continuing my series on recipes for procedures to support Asia to develop PV capacity I am devoting this one to the tariffs.
12 Sep 17
For emerging economies in Asia and beyond, ‘business as usual’ is no longer enough for hydropower development.
8 Aug 17
As renewables markets mature, renewables investors are looking to new markets for their next source of growth.
18 Jul 17
Post-Fukushima, nuclear energy remains a strategic option to address energy security and decarbonisation for developing economies, especially...
12 Jul 17
Continuing my series on recipes for procedures to support Asian countries in developing Renewable Energies, I am going to address the feasibility...
19 May 17
I am starting a series on recipes for procedures to support Asian countries in developing Renewable Energies.
24 Apr 17
Michael Graetzel of Switzerland, is announced as the winner of the 2017 Global Energy Prize for his “transcendent merits in the development...
20 Apr 17
Earlier this year, the Singapore government announced that it will impose a tax on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from 2019.
31 Mar 17
Hydropower is traditionally a male-dominated field.
28 Mar 17
Net metering started by being a very sexy idea in regards to the development of rooftops.
14 Feb 17
Welcome to the year of the fire rooster, a year unlike the previous year of the monkey which followed the path of curiosity, the rooster is...
13 Feb 17
Monkey proved to be a subdued year for the Southeast Asia energy sector – so will the Rooster wake up the region from its slumber?
26 Jan 17
In order to fulfil its commitments under the Paris climate change agreement, Singapore’s climate action plan includes a number of strategies...
25 Jan 17
Like a certain iconic dessert advertisement, “Nobody doesn’t like renewables”.
16 Jan 17
For those of us out there who are part of the Renewable Energy story of this century, we have seen PV dropping from more than 4 US$/W to the...
24 Nov 16
Optimising project siting and configuration are the most effective environmental and social risk avoidance measures in hydropower development....
23 Nov 16
Almost all in this sector have already read many texts and technical reports on the hidden costs of intermittent sources or Variable Renewable...
6 Oct 16
Just under a year on from COP 21, three of the main players – the US, China, and India – have now ratified the Paris treaty on climate...