How can Thailand develop its green economy?

This is whilst also ensuring the country’s resilience from climate risks. 

How can Thailand develop its green economy?

This is whilst also ensuring the country’s resilience from climate risks. 

India faces solar waste crisis as recycling is not economic

India needs to catch up with other countries in managing and financing renewable plant recycling, argues IEEFA consultant Saloni Sachdeva Michael.

China to halt building new coal power plants abroad

This move is in line with China's carbon neutrality target before 2060.

Wind power to play a key role in China’s net-zero ambition: WoodMac

Onshore wind will take up 82% of China’s 408 GW new capacity between 2021-2030.

Hydrogen will overtake natural gas in APAC as governments chase net zero

With producing green hydrogen costs set to drop, APAC is ripe for a hydro revolution.

3 ways to optimise India's land usage for renewable energy ambitions

In a nutshell, the tips are to minimise total land use, optimise land assessment, and increase land of suitable land.

India must allot at least 1.7% landmass to reach net-zero: report

1.7% is the minimum amount of land needed for solar generation alone.

China provinces insist additional 100-GW coal power

This is despite the decline of new approvals for coal-fired powerplants in H1 2021.

Myanmar unveils new Nationally Determined Contribution

The country’s share of solar and wind energy will remain consistent.

EU-ABC urges ASEAN to expedite energy transition

This will help the region deal with climate change challenges .

How Thailand fares in its quest for net-zero?

Thailand has installed a renewable energy capacity of more than 15 GW.

Will China be able to keep its carbon neutrality vows?

China’s largest carbon emitter, the steel industry, smokes 15% of total carbon emissions 

APAC’s energy transition inquiry – is net zero possible?

The rapid decline in renewable costs brings forward competition between renewables and fossil fuels.

India’s clean power surpasses 100GW

It rises to 146 GW, if large hydro is included.

Analyzing India’s gas supply boom

LNG imports fill the gap as domestic gas production stalled.

Bank of the Philippine Islands to cease coal financing by 2033

BPI aims to stop lending 45% of coal-fired powered projects.

India to cut up to 35% greenhouse gas emissions

The country aims 40% installed capacity from non-fossil fuel resources by 2030.