22 Mar 21
The country has come up with a 'dual circulation' economic manifesto.
16 Feb 21
Solar energy deployment is planned to be increased to at least 2 GWp.
10 Feb 21
These include LNG, ammonia, and hydrogen.
1 Feb 21
The investment is made through the company’s Climate Innovation Fund.
28 Jan 21
These investments are key in meeting PM Modi’s renewable energy goals.
26 Jan 21
The firms will provide services, including clean energy innovation advisory and more.
12 Jan 21
Coal-fired plants with no carbon capturing must be phased out within 25 years.
4 Jan 21
Governments are investing in the energy sector to catch up with demand.
7 Dec 20
Production offshore Victoria is forecast to decline from around 2023.
4 Nov 20
Currently, hydrocarbons comprise 80% of the country’s primary energy supply.
27 Oct 20
Various agencies helped formed the initiative.
27 Oct 20
Coal generation to shrink to 10% in 2030.
15 Oct 20
A low carbon recovery can help restore job demand, fiscal balances.
1 Oct 20
This will support the 8.9 GW of new wind power capacity expected to be added by then.
1 Oct 20
China currently comprises about 38% of global emissions.
28 Jul 20
Wholesale electricity prices are sinking lower than it costs to buy coal.
27 Jul 20
Antonio Guterres expressed concern that new coal plants are still being financed.
21 Jul 20
Governments have been prioritising immediate needs such as wage subsidies.
14 Jul 20
Power sector planners assumed that locking in coal would lead to a least-cost system.
13 Jul 20
It received criticisms in funding such plants in Indonesia and Vietnam.
13 Jul 20
Energy demand across Asia is surging and expected to grow by two-thirds by 2040, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.
9 Jul 20
The relaxation of lockdowns failed to drive power demand.
9 Jul 20
The call for projects for its renewable energy zones saw 113 registrations of interest.
6 Jul 20
These make up nearly 90% of the country’s power plants built before the mid-1990s.
29 Jun 20
They also recommended introducing carbon pricing.
22 Jun 20
The country aims for peak CO2 reduction by around 2030 latest.
11 Jun 20
Congress has approved a resolution against permitting new coal plants.
2 Jun 20
BlackRock sought rationale from the South Korea utility for the investments.
2 Jun 20
Billions of yuan have been used in green financing of coal-related projects.
29 May 20
LNG volumes sold on an oil-indexed basis could become cheaper.
14 May 20
A third are looking to invest in offshore wind.
13 May 20
It envisions the closure of nuclear power units from 26 to 17.
13 May 20
The region could follow after the global deflation in renewable tariffs.
12 May 20
Banks are expected to provide transition plans in the next six months.
6 May 20
The tighter coal financing policies announced by Japanese banks still offer loopholes.
30 Apr 20
Lenders could follow after Mizuho’s move to shun financing of coal-fired power.
22 Apr 20
It plans to expand its renewables capacity to 5GW by 2025.
20 Apr 20
This marks the 18th global financial institution to exclude coal for funding in 2020.
17 Mar 20
The renewable energy zones in three regions aim to drive $14.11b of investments.
13 Feb 20
The government was urged to utilize auctions to reach 2030 targets.