24 Jan 12
But will Vietnam's first nuclear power plant really be that safe?
18 Jan 12
So who are the new angel investors of big-ticket Renewable Energy projects?
18 Jan 12
India wants broader guidelines and timelines for issuing environment clearances to power projects.
16 Jan 12
Indonesia will spend $436 million to build 100 new gas stations in Java as part of a national effort to urge private car users to use less...
11 Jan 12
Chinese airlines may sue the EU as they refuse to impose surcharges on customers relating to the emissions tax.
10 Jan 12
Myanmar has halted construction of a 4,000 megawatt coal-fired power plant following an outcry over its environmental impact.
5 Jan 12
The increasing number of bioenergy power generation projects in 2011 produced 500MW of energy.
4 Jan 12
Beijing, China’s pollution capital, has just issued its first plan for new and renewable energy.
4 Jan 12
Indonesia still has a lot of hard work to do to exploit its full potential in renewable energy.
3 Jan 12
The China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance (CPIA) is finalizing a complaint alleging that U.S.
2 Jan 12
Good Bye Kyoto: This month, the Japanese Ministry of Environment announced that greenhouse gas emissions in Japan had...
22 Dec 11
Residents of Haimen, furious with plans to build a coal-fired power plant, took to the streets, surrounded a government building and blocked an...
13 Dec 11
Camco International has signed contracts with China's largest cement maker to assess and develop energy efficiency projects.
2 Dec 11
“The future ain’t what it used to be!” (seen on a bumper sticker) Climate change is the only...
1 Dec 11
As Asia grows, so too do its economic, social, resource and environmental challenges.
1 Dec 11
China Power Capacity Additions Expenditure to Total $1.2 Trillion between 2012 and 2021 ...
15 Nov 11
Asia has now become the global center for new trends in emission trading but it must be...
11 Nov 11
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services said that there was no immediate impact on its ratings on Australian utility companies following...
4 Nov 11
Power Plants being built from now on need to be Carbon Capture ready.
4 Nov 11
The region needs proven technologies that are already adopted by major industries.
4 Nov 11
Biorenewables will greatly impact several billion dollar markets and revenues can grow to as much as EUR 450b by 2020.
4 Nov 11
Tepco discovered xenon, a substance produced as a byproduct of nuclear fission, in the No 2 reactor of its Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant...
3 Nov 11
Despite all the negative news on Carbon, the biomass energy market will continue to grow.
3 Nov 11
European restrictions on clean investments beyond 2012 proving challenge to Asia’s carbon market, says an expert.
3 Nov 11
ASEAN countries need to work with each other in order to achieve energy security, said Prof.
3 Nov 11
Asia’s leading the global fight against the climate change at least in the clean development mechanism (CDM) market.
3 Nov 11
Find out the answer from Ambassador Burhan Gafoor, chief negotiator for climate change in Singapore.
3 Nov 11
New regulatory developments pose threats to global carbon market trading.
1 Nov 11
Clean energy is now more than a fad and it is becoming a commitment for everyone in the region including ADB which re-affirms commitment to...
1 Nov 11
Global investment in low-carbon energy could just probably go up to $270 billion at most this year from a record $243 billion in 2010....
31 Oct 11
The world aims for 50% reduction in CO2 by 2050 but after the Fukushima disaster, the goal seems difficult to achieve already, said Former IEA...
22 Oct 11
India's power minister Sushilkumar Shinde noted that his country is actively pursuing a low carbon growth strategy in power sector to...
21 Oct 11
Japanese nuclear experts are considering widening the evacuation zone in the event of a nuclear disaster, according to a...
20 Oct 11
Trung Nam Power will sell emissions from its Dong Nai Hydropower Plant No 2 to Germany’s Deutsche Bank to for the first 10 years of its...
28 Sep 11
As little as 20 % of projects may be done due to lack of carbon credits.
28 Sep 11
The environmental retrofitting of power plants in Asia is coming to an end as the CDM business dries up with no clear successor to the Kyoto...
21 Sep 11
AB InBev targets to decrease CO2 output and reduce the water-to-beer ratio to 3.5 by 2012.
12 Sep 11
Radioactive material released into the sea in the Fukushima nuclear power plant is three times more the amount estimated by plant operator Tokyo...
1 Sep 11
Today, we are witnessing a potent combination of factors, which together are driving organizations across the process industries to optimize...
3 Aug 11
The 72MW CPI Dongping Hydropower Project in Hunan Province successfully received the issuance of emission reductions on 28 July 2011.