11 Mar 13
Japanese electronics giant to market solar panels and fuel cells, among others.
26 Nov 12
20 percent more electricity.
2 Oct 12
Bangladesh electricity prices are increasing due to government projects on quick-rental power.
25 Jun 12
Bangladesh's quick rental project had totally failed to meet the demand for electricity, according to a ranking member of the country's...
22 May 12
Pakistan has turned down a request by Turkey seeking relief for a Turkish Rental Power Plant, Karkey Karadeniz.
10 May 11
Power Grid Corporation of India is expected to finalise a contract for leasing out its tower infrastructure for telecommunication by the end of...
26 Mar 11
China will not let Japan’s nuclear crisis derail its plan to develop the nuclear power industry.
2 Dec 10
The Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam is developing plans to increase electricity price in 2011.
28 Nov 10
Bangladesh will lease two gas-fired power plants from UK firm, Agbeko.
13 Nov 08
The 2008 Asian Power Awards pay homage to the power generation industry's best and brightest The...
20 Oct 08
Last issue we examined the inefficiencies in the electricity sector in India and concluded that there could be a potential to save a staggering...