Power Utility

7 Apr 21
The energy will come from Sunseap’s offshore floating solar farms.
7 Apr 21
Its total output reached 314 TWH in 2020/21.
6 Apr 21
A new company under the Longi name was registered last month.
30 Mar 21
The large number of plants are each performing poorly and “particularly suitable” for fast-track retirement.
30 Mar 21
The 1.2GW gas-fired plant is expected to be operational by 2024.
15 Mar 21
The Kwinana Refinery will be converted into an import terminal.
15 Mar 21
Electricity generation for the month was at 112 BU.
12 Mar 21
It currently supplies nearly 20% of Victoria’s electricity demand.
2 Mar 21
The company will be named ReNew Energy Global.
26 Feb 21
It will comprise three state-owned companies focused on geothermal power.
23 Feb 21
Singapore will receive 0.5 million tonnes of LNG per year.
10 Feb 21
Prices have breached $618 per MMBtu last month.
31 Dec 20
The $394 million transaction will give China Datang Corp a 75% stake in three plants.
31 Dec 20
Some 30 ageing coal plants will be retired by 2034, but many of them will be converted into LNG-fired facilities.
11 Dec 20
Currently, nearly 700,000 households are purchasing retail electricity.
26 Nov 20
India and Australia are currently the only markets with cheaper renewables.
24 Nov 20
This includes a unique warm sea surface event over the Indian Ocean.
20 Nov 20
Though, Japan’s new carbon neutrality pledge can cause push for nuclear power.
17 Nov 20
The region comprises 29% of the global project pipeline.
13 Nov 20
Indonesia is expected to overtake the US in leading the global geothermal power sector.
10 Nov 20
The country faced shortages in 2019 due to droughts and low water levels.
6 Nov 20
Wind and solar in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan enjoy feed-in-tariffs with reliable counterparties.
6 Nov 20
The new hubs are in Port Bonython, Port Adelaide, and Port Spencer.
20 Oct 20
The global solar industry has tremendously grown in the past decade.
16 Oct 20
Wind will make up 13.4% of the global energy mix by 2030.
16 Oct 20
Orders for wind turbines were estimated to be around $16b globally.
15 Oct 20
A low carbon recovery can help restore job demand, fiscal balances.
1 Oct 20
The COVID-19 crisis has impacted the renewable energy supply chain.
1 Oct 20
This will support the 8.9 GW of new wind power capacity expected to be added by then.
16 Sep 20
Rising gas prices, increased energy security, economic recovery risks gas demand growth.
15 Sep 20
The falling costs of renewables is said to push production costs of hydrogen down.
8 Sep 20
Renewables penetration enters the transition era.
7 Sep 20
Its 12.32 GWac global portfolio exceeded the total capacity installed by the entire US solar industry in 2019.
29 Aug 20
LNG imports are still projected to more than double in capacity.
27 Aug 20
Asia’s electrolyser capacity is projected to reach 10GW over the coming decade.
27 Aug 20
The country currently has a pipeline of 102GW renewable projects.
27 Aug 20
This could mean that coal price risk will no longer be passed to end-users.
25 Aug 20
Data centre firms have tempered expectations for green energy sources, but opportunities still await.
24 Aug 20
It has commissioned five solar and wind farms in the past six months.
18 Aug 20
China’s dominance in the market might weaken as more countries ramp up capacity.