TBS Energi's contribution to Indonesia's 23% renewable energy goal

TBS Energi helps Indonesia hit 100MW installed capacity target by 2025.
20 hours ago

TBS Energi's contribution to Indonesia's 23% renewable energy goal

TBS Energi helps Indonesia hit 100MW installed capacity target by 2025.
20 hours ago

Cambodia’s 18-year energy plan sets ambitious targets for renewables

To attain energy security, Cambodia will have to overcome investment challenges, cut wasteful consumption, and review pricing policies. 
1 day ago

Asia turns to biomass co-firing in coal plants for energy security, transition

However, experts cautioned this means that the operations of coal-fired power plants would be extended. 

Asia needs natural gas to balance ‘energy trilemma’

Natural gas is cleaner than coal and would support the intermittency of renewables, ANGEA said.

Why ASEAN should take a regional approach to accelerating RE

The Regional Approach Report outlines how collaboration is key to the aim of 35% renewable energy capacity by 2025 in the region.

VOX POP: How AI adoption transforms power plant operations

Whilst AI is still nascent, its integration in the power sector has significantly improved power plant operations.

Phl power plant seeks 10-year PSA as supply deal nears end

Quezon Power Managing Director Frank Thiel confirms plans to extend the plant’s life and explore cleaner energy initiatives. 

‘Expensive pathway’ awaits as Vietnam trails to achieve PDP8 targets

Vietnam targets to phase out coal plants and convert them into biomass and ammonia plants.

Geo Dipa, powering up Indonesia’s progress with geothermal innovation

This state-owned enterprise has set a target of 1,000 MW from geothermal power plants by 2060.

SP New Energy Corporation brings ‘newest’ solar technology to the Philippines

The solar farm project in Nueva Ecija will have a capacity of 500 megawatts to address the power needs of 1.5 million Filipinos. 

How EGAT contributes to powering Thailand’s energy transition

Retiring EGAT Governor Boonyanit Wongrukmit shared the company’s initiatives towards the shift to clean energy.

Asia faces financial risks with energy transition

Fossil fuel exit is still a steep climb as Asian markets need to rely on coal power at least in the short run for energy security.

Mauban-based coal plants bolster Luzon grid’s power supply

Quezon Power Plant generates 460MW of electricity, whilst San Buenaventura Power Plant produces 455MW of power.

Untapped offshore wind potential can power Japan’s shift to clean energy

Unleashing wind potential could boost Japan’s share of clean power to 90% by 2035, according to the think tank, Ember.

G7 calls for faster fossil fuel phase-out, but sets no deadline

The G7’s push for faster decarbonisation includes ending subsidies for coal power, and supporting cleaner energy technologies.

Southeast Asia at the forefront of coal phase-out in power plants

Amidst the challenges of eliminating coal in the region’s energy mix, ASEAN Taxonomy Board paves way for sustainable financing for phase-out.

Meralco breaks into the Philippines’ solar industry with Spectrum 

Spectrum has an installed capacity of more than 50 megawatts throughout the country.