15 Aug 18
It is part of his project to build one of Australia’s largest solar farms.
14 Aug 18
It wants to invest in renewable energy projects for over 1 million homes.
14 Aug 18
This reduces the need to buy solar cells from private US firms.
14 Aug 18
This marks the investment firm's entry into renewables in Taiwan.
8 Aug 18
But it will let Kepco revise its model and then compete with others.
3 Aug 18
The US$14.27m project can produce 750kW.
1 Aug 18
It seeks projects with sizes over 50 MW.
1 Aug 18
The gas output will be shipped to a 8.9Mt/year plant in Darwin.
25 Jul 18
Massive floods hit the South Korean-constructed dam that is still in progress.
24 Jul 18
It is part of the world’s largest solar power project.
24 Jul 18
Less than 4% of planned capacity has come online.
18 Jul 18
Wind capacity will increase by a third.
18 Jul 18
Contract provisions will be revised.
17 Jul 18
A huge chunk will be spent on drilling projects.
10 Jul 18
The project will be commissioned by 2020.
10 Jul 18
It has an aggregate capacity of 2.5GW.
29 Jun 18
It can generate an average of 2.4 GWh of electricity annually.
28 Jun 18
The reactors are rated 1,600 MWe each at the 9.9 GW Jaitapur nuclear power project by NPCIL.
27 Jun 18
The winning bid was $83.69 per MWh.
27 Jun 18
Upper tariff ceiling for the tender is at 4.3 cents per kWh.
27 Jun 18
The two projects are Hailong 2 and 3.
25 Jun 18
Construction will begin Q3 of 2018.
22 Jun 18
It tied up with Xuan Cau to develop what is touted as Southeast Asia’s largest solar power plant.
20 Jun 18
This move is in line with the government's strategy to phase out nuclear energy in the medium term.
19 Jun 18
The facility includes four nuclear reactors, with a combined capacity of 4,268 MW.
19 Jun 18
The country aims to generate above 7% of its electricity needs via renewables in 2020.
13 Jun 18
The development supports South Korea’s bid for Asia’s offshore wind market.
4 Jun 18
The project will be contracted for a 20-year period.
31 May 18
Selected projects will be under build-own-operate basis.
30 May 18
Mitsui for instance bought 20% stake in a 300MW offshore project.
8 May 18
The deal covers land allocation for the project.
30 Apr 18
Firms will be allowed to bid for projects ranging from 50MW to 500MW.
27 Apr 18
The project would cost around $400m.
24 Apr 18
66 bidders were successful for the projects.
24 Apr 18
It targets 3,500MW capacity by end-2018.
20 Apr 18
This offer is to fund its acquisition of two of Chevron's geothermal assets.
11 Apr 18
The 50MW project will be in operation by March 2019.
9 Apr 18
The first phase is estimated to cost $825m.