16 Oct 20
Proposal and relevant frameworks to be completed by September 2012.
15 Oct 20
It now uses a first-of-its-kind power generation system.
14 Oct 20
NGP aims to develop a 1GW solar portfolio in Taiwan.
1 Oct 20
Mitsubishi Power will provide two M701JAC gas turbines for the facility.
15 Sep 20
The facility will be used for a electricity generation project in rural Myanmar.
7 Sep 20
The firm will deploy its latest gas turbine technology for the project.
24 Aug 20
The portfolio of plants were built in 2019-2020.
20 Aug 20
The project could generate its first electricity by 2023.
19 Aug 20
Bids are open until 17 September.
18 Aug 20
Its recent wind tender saw mild interest due to difficulties in finding locations.
11 Aug 20
It received bids of about 1.7GW in capacity.
11 Aug 20
It is expected to generate 3.75TWh/year of electricity.
5 Aug 20
It initially agreed to acquire the Indian plant in February.
5 Aug 20
It could either build new plants or rehabilitate the 621MW Bataan project.
5 Aug 20
It is expected to be commissioned by end-2021.
4 Aug 20
It includes a $100m loan from Asian Development Bank.
3 Aug 20
This brings the company’s renewable capacity in India to 1.73GW.
3 Aug 20
This will provide extra support such as a single entry point for approvals.
28 Jul 20
The entire 4GW project will be fully operational by 2025.
27 Jul 20
The first phase of the project is expected to start operations by 2024.
23 Jul 20
This raises the company’s installed capacity to over 51GW.
22 Jul 20
It will deliver up to 40TWh/year from Qinghai to Henan province.
22 Jul 20
Projects will be planned under MNRE’s scheme in a phased manner.
20 Jul 20
This tender could restart investment flow post-pandemic.
14 Jul 20
It is operated by a joint venture between SECI and MPUVN.
2 Jul 20
The Luang Prabang project will be Laos' third and largest dam on the river.
30 Jun 20
This involves 1GW of solar and 550MW of wind.
30 Jun 20
It received an award letter from the ambassador of Mali and the government.
25 Jun 20
Auction winners will be selected in June 2021.
23 Jun 20
This includes a 600MW solar project.
23 Jun 20
There has been a rise in floating offshore wind in Japan and the US.
18 Jun 20
They initially signed to construct reactors at the Cernavoda nuclear plant.
18 Jun 20
It is planned to be commissioned by 2025 the earliest.
15 Jun 20
The government will create an affiliate of AP Power Generation Corporation.
11 Jun 20
It has agreed with SECI to develop 8GW of projects over the next five years.
4 Jun 20
The project is set to be fully operational in late 2020.
1 Jun 20
This will support the construction and commissioning of two geothermal plants in Java.
1 Jun 20
It expects to attract $3b private investments.
27 May 20
The government committed to invest up to $920m for the project.
21 May 20
It aims to accelerate development of projects in Queensland for the next 10 years.