24 Apr 18
66 bidders were successful for the projects.
24 Apr 18
It targets 3,500MW capacity by end-2018.
20 Apr 18
This offer is to fund its acquisition of two of Chevron's geothermal assets.
11 Apr 18
The 50MW project will be in operation by March 2019.
9 Apr 18
The first phase is estimated to cost $825m.
6 Apr 18
It will enable customers to make sure part of their electricity is solar-generated.
6 Apr 18
Annual generation output is pegged at 224,000 MWh/year.
6 Apr 18
It will ink a 25-year PPA at a tariff of US$ 0.05 per kWh.
27 Mar 18
The 33MW Ohorayama wind project will sell power to Shikoku Electric Power Company.
12 Mar 18
It only needs 420MW more to achieve this.
7 Mar 18
They keep flocking to solar energy but the government reveals the industry is currently plagued with headwinds.
2 Mar 18
It is slated to be Japan's biggest world-scale wind farm.
28 Feb 18
The right commercial and regulatory mechanisms must be implemented to boost its adoption.
26 Feb 18
The event will be held on February 27 at the Makati Shangri-La, Manila.
21 Feb 18
Ceiling tariff has been set at US$0.046 per unit.
21 Feb 18
It's waiting for PLN's final decision on hiking the PPA rate to $0.114/kWh.
21 Feb 18
Construction of the 127MW project will start this month.
21 Feb 18
The utility has started loading fuel into the facility.
14 Feb 18
78% of the 12.3GW capacity in planning or construction stages are conventional thermal plants.
9 Feb 18
It will start powering over 30,000 homes before the year ends.
8 Feb 18
It has also provided financial sanction for these projects.
19 Jan 18
Supreme Energy is confident it will secure financing by March.
18 Jan 18
The 24% surge in investments smashed previous records.
15 Jan 18
One of the major issues in solar power that is usually overlooked and is so fundamental to our life is water.
11 Jan 18
The $33m project will be completed in June 2019.
11 Jan 18
The project will comprise of three facilities.
10 Jan 18
Auctions worth 1.250MW were completed a week before December came to a close.
8 Jan 18
The 990MWe was plugged onto the grid.
8 Jan 18
BATTERY JAPAN, the spotlight of World Smart Energy Week 2018.
18 Dec 17
It will have to pump around 120GW of added power capacity.
14 Dec 17
Sunverge Energy has installed "dozens" of energy storage units.
12 Dec 17
Part of the 150MW project is now connected to the grid.
4 Dec 17
It will generate 3.37MW of electricity by 2019.
4 Dec 17
It is slated to be the world's largest floating solar PV plant.
29 Nov 17
The projects are expected to be commissioned as early as 2Q18.
29 Nov 17
First projects will have around 1GW capacity.
27 Nov 17
These comprise of three projects.
27 Nov 17
It eyes buying at least 12.5% share in partner EPC firms of the 220MW solar plant.
27 Nov 17
The 86MW project can now move forward after five years of little progress.