21 Sep 17
Nominations for "The Oscars" of the power industry impressively surged to 135.
6 Sep 17
Check out how CEO Vikram Kailas plans to make this happen.
26 Jul 17
They will supply wholesale power to regional city gas firms.
4 May 17
Global Business Power Corporation's CEO Rolando Bacani fights to keep up with the Philippines' renewable race.
26 Apr 17
It eyes boosting Pagudpud wind farm's capacity to 150MW.
17 Apr 17
A tariff of ~$0.087/kWh has been set for the Telangana-based project.
8 Mar 17
Over 50GW of coal-fired capacity will be stopped.
6 Mar 17
The plant can run on multiple fuels simultaneously.
21 Feb 17
Load factor of thermal power stations are still at sub-60%.
16 Feb 17
Not everyone is convinced with the government’s target of 1,000MW renewable grid-connected capacity by 2020.
16 Feb 17
Asia is hungry for energy, which coal and gas-fired generation seem ready to address, but their dominance over cleaner alternatives is becoming...
15 Feb 17
This is for a solar park at Rewa.
9 Feb 17
But the firm has refused to disclose the potential partners' names.
6 Feb 17
It's the group's second 660MW unit.
26 Jan 17
Five years of "enormous losses" for Adani.
25 Jan 17
Like a certain iconic dessert advertisement, “Nobody doesn’t like renewables”.
23 Jan 17
It's almost 4 years in the making now, and can produce 850MW.
19 Jan 17
Total output will grow 60% as nuclear power will be phased-out.
18 Jan 17
Will the company remain profitable?
18 Jan 17
It's going to be fossil fuel for now in Japan.
18 Jan 17
The funds will be used in developing 709MW projects.
16 Jan 17
For those of us out there who are part of the Renewable Energy story of this century, we have seen PV dropping from more than 4 US$/W to the...
12 Jan 17
Government gives the go signal to liberalise green energy supply.
12 Jan 17
The Sidrap Project is expected to generate 75MW.
12 Jan 17
It will grab the lion's share of total global non-hydro capacity of 1200GW by 2021.
10 Jan 17
Will smaller players be booted out of the market as profit losses mount?
9 Jan 17
The power will be sold to Punjab State Power Corporation Limited.
9 Jan 17
Over 4GW of solar has bee commissioned in 2016 versus 2015's 2.3GW.
9 Jan 17
Total installed capacity could hit 18GW by end-2017.
9 Jan 17
This will be its third global, albeit small, acquisition after Turkey and India.
22 Dec 16
Tepco will start to actively seek for partnerships next year.
19 Dec 16
Cashflow will be badly affected once this rolls out.
19 Dec 16
It is currently pooling membership applications.
19 Dec 16
Tenders for 2MW-plus solar plants are being rolled out for 2018-2019.
16 Dec 16
These account for almost 90% of all solar installations and pipeline.
16 Dec 16
Developer Elecnor Australia started construction in July in Queensland.
16 Dec 16
Solar Universe India's Shubhaang Gupta worries that panel manufacturers will have to resort to manufacturing panels against ready orders....
16 Dec 16
It will account around 70% of the total by 2025.
15 Dec 16
These plants are over 25 years old.
13 Dec 16
Will it soon see an end to its curtailment era?