25 Feb 21
Its current power generation capacity is slated to increase by 900 MW in 2021.
16 Oct 20
The company has clinched repeat investments from institutions such as ADB, DEG, FMO and Proparco.
10 Aug 20
It proposed to buy the Australian producer for $638m.
9 Jul 20
The Spanish energy group raised its bid by 3.5%.
23 Jun 20
Proceeds will be used to finance its expansion across Southeast Asia.
22 Jun 20
Infigen’s board recommended to take the offer instead of UAC’s.
8 Jun 20
Infigen is considering its response to the proposal.
6 May 20
It is currently building a 256MW solar project in the country.
15 Apr 20
The portfolio totalling 2.148GW includes Restricted Group 1 & 2 projects.
8 Apr 20
It is starting with the acquisition of a 50MW portfolio in Thailand.
16 Mar 20
The project is said to produce about 49,526MWh of renewable energy yearly.
8 Jan 20
They recently launched an SGQR code for bills payment.
16 Dec 19
It eyes adding more projects in massive Asian energy markets like South Korea, Japan, and India.
4 Nov 19
It wants to expand its total capacity of 2.5GW.
16 Oct 19
ACME Group and Adani have solar capacities of 2.3GW and 1.94GW respectively.
16 Oct 19
Microgrids could serve 100 million people in the region who still have no electricity.
16 Oct 19
The joint venture will first target India, South Korea and Taiwan.
9 Oct 19
JERA will get its hands on 1,941MW of Summit’s assets.
5 Sep 19
Nominations for the Oscars of the power industry reached a record-high of 200.
14 Aug 19
It blamed poor wind resources and a high base from last year.
14 Aug 19
It will develop projects of 6 to 7 million kW within and outside Japan.
7 Aug 19
This raises its total thermal power capacity to 12.5GW.
7 Aug 19
Restructuring is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2020.
31 Jul 19
To date, the firm has over 1.8GW of commissioned renewable assets in India.
3 Jul 19
15 planned gas receiving and bulk-breaking stations are expected to fuel 2.5GW of gas-fired power.
5 Jun 19
For the past two years, IPPs like Adaro Power struggled with PLN’s ownership and PPA commitment rules.
21 Mar 19
The firm is planning to firm scale up its photovoltaic solar energy generation capacity in India.
19 Mar 19
Authorities approved the sale after Glow sold one of its power plants.
18 Mar 19
Higher tourist arrivals in Palawan and Oriental Mindoro generated more economic activities.
4 Mar 19
Aboitiz Power bought a 49% voting stake and 60% economic stake in Ayala Corporation’s thermal assets.
22 Feb 19
Over 80 startups have signed up to its programme aimed at accelerating renewable energy deployment in the Asia Pacific.
20 Feb 19
The investment will allow JERA to study batteries and TEPCO PG to expand to the UK.
20 Feb 19
It is banking on ACWA Power's diversification into solar power and electric vehicles.
13 Feb 19
The company cited the country's favourable regulatory environment.
13 Feb 19
It bought a 51.48% stake in PHEN for $65.44m and subscribed to its shares worth $50.62m.
13 Feb 19
The newest investment comes from the World Bank's IFC $75m injection to anchor a $300m tranche.
6 Feb 19
It is an anchor investor in the 10-year tranche.
28 Jan 19
The bonds, priced at $99.45, have a five-year tenor and 4.75% per annum coupon.
17 Jan 19
Its non-cash gains on bargain purchases of assets plummeted.
9 Jan 19
The country is the 10th largest destination of its coal exports.