15 Aug 18
Four renewable energy projects are expected to be finished by end-2018.
15 Aug 18
It cut Zhejiang IPPs' tariffs by at most 5%.
14 Aug 18
It wants to reduce the effect of international oil price hikes.
13 Aug 18
The capacity has a storage component in Ladakh.
13 Aug 18
The fields have a total of 195 Mtoe of oil and gas resources.
13 Aug 18
This followed plans to make biodiesel use mandatory.
13 Aug 18
Solar and wind will be prioritised.
8 Aug 18
It granted operators’ requests as it reforms the sector.
3 Aug 18
A 10% profit petroleum payment for discoveries will be levied.
1 Aug 18
The 25% rate will be applied in the first year and then get phased down.
1 Aug 18
It wants to boost its foreign exchange earnings.
31 Jul 18
The share of coal is expected to decrease to 36% by 2030.
24 Jul 18
Government support may dwindle, a report warns.
18 Jul 18
This commentary submission was co-written with Natalie Lau (Reed Smith), Lucia Yiou and Mindy Huang (LCS & Partners). ...
18 Jul 18
Domestic players are disadvantaged, trade ministry says.
18 Jul 18
China’s reported trillion-dollar One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative is something we have all heard a great deal of, over several years now...
17 Jul 18
More than 3 out of 4 investors say there is no transparency.
19 Jun 18
New installations are expected to be limited to 30GW in 2018.
6 Jun 18
The new on-grid power tariffs will range between US$7.8-11c/kWh starting 1 June 2018.
4 Jun 18
Plants will have to cut CO2 emissions by 40% by 2022 and 58% by 2030.
31 May 18
Tender and auction schemes may be winning.
30 May 18
The incentive rates will be adjusted according to their impact on the country's target.
30 May 18
It will be finalised by July 15.
25 May 18
Renewables will grab around 22-24%.
16 May 18
The policy took almost 2 years before it got finalised.
11 May 18
Initial targets have been trimmed as PLN is not yet ready for the infrastructure.
30 Apr 18
This is in line with its goal to ease burden on these firms.
18 Apr 18
Without government support, it would be thoroughly un-investible for traditional bond investors.
16 Apr 18
The future of offshore wind energy will combine the application of global experience and local expertise to deliver projects tailored to the needs...
16 Apr 18
It aims to hit 5GW of wind capacity by 2022.
16 Apr 18
This was after it automatically shut down on late March.
9 Apr 18
Demand will peak as 4GW of coal and 5GW of nuclear will be retired.
30 Mar 18
Current policies are behind the times and technology.
19 Mar 18
Developers may be allowed to apply for 30-year leases.
6 Mar 18
Five facilities over 30 years old will be affected.
28 Feb 18
The right commercial and regulatory mechanisms must be implemented to boost its adoption.
19 Jan 18
Development plans are being developed on provincial level.
17 Jan 18
The region's projected capacity may hit 5GW by 2040.
15 Jan 18
If implemented, the provision will last for a period of 200 days.
8 Jan 18
It will be a 15-year power supply plan.