7 Apr 21
The country initially set a 2017 target date for power companies to comply.
4 Mar 21
It will cover all aspects of low-carbon hydrogen production to utilisation.
19 Feb 21
The country has a highly supportive, regulatory environment for the market.
19 Nov 20
Investors with neither experience nor capacity in the sector seek chances to buy into an existing project.
13 Nov 20
Indonesia is expected to overtake the US in leading the global geothermal power sector.
10 Nov 20
A new memorandum of understanding builds on its collaboration with the World Coal Association.
29 Oct 20
They will cooperate on energy-related topics such as market regulation, clean energy technologies.
29 Oct 20
The two countries’ energy authorities will hold a virtual dialogue in H1 2021.
29 Oct 20
They will cooperate and share regulator practices on key areas of energy development.
1 Oct 20
China currently comprises about 38% of global emissions.
16 Sep 20
Rising gas prices, increased energy security, economic recovery risks gas demand growth.
15 Sep 20
The falling costs of renewables is said to push production costs of hydrogen down.
15 Sep 20
Slowdown in economic activity and the pandemic to weigh on the power and renewables sector.
8 Sep 20
Renewables penetration enters the transition era.
29 Aug 20
LNG imports are still projected to more than double in capacity.
27 Aug 20
The country currently has a pipeline of 102GW renewable projects.
20 Aug 20
A study revealed that it has undermined the country’s climate change efforts.
18 Aug 20
Over 6GW of the country’s geothermal projects are in the pipeline.
6 Aug 20
Energy storage will be included in the National Renewable Energy Policy.
5 Aug 20
It picked four actionable projects expected to be completed by 2022-26.
3 Aug 20
The government announced a 14.9% duty up until 29 January.
30 Jul 20
This will affect the revenues and cash collections of discoms.
22 Jul 20
The delay is blamed to a requirement that the state governments underwrite the loans.
21 Jul 20
The country is currently ranked as the top emerging market for clean energy investment.
21 Jul 20
Governments have been prioritising immediate needs such as wage subsidies.
21 Jul 20
The country already has transmission lines with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.
15 Jul 20
This could bar 18GW of proposed plants from being built.
9 Jul 20
No formal change to existing policy has been announced.
9 Jul 20
The call for projects for its renewable energy zones saw 113 registrations of interest.
6 Jul 20
Existing examples around the world were expensive projects with little revenue.
6 Jul 20
These make up nearly 90% of the country’s power plants built before the mid-1990s.
25 Jun 20
The organisation proposed investing $500m in solar projects.
22 Jun 20
The country aims for peak CO2 reduction by around 2030 latest.
18 Jun 20
This is urged for localities with potential for wind power development.
17 Jun 20
India currently relies on about $250b of fossil fuel imports annually.
15 Jun 20
An auction system is being mulled over to replace FiTs after 2023.
8 Jun 20
Co-authored by Justine Barthe-Dejean, Reed Smith and Nguyen Thi Xuan Trinh, Partner, VNA Legal Against the backdrop of the COVID19...
2 Jun 20
It is calling for stakeholder submissions by 25 June.
27 May 20
The sector enjoys higher interest rates in India compared to other leading renewable countries.
26 May 20
Its impact on Japan’s power sector growth is expected to be minimal.