In Focus

13 Jun 18
If the energy transition outlook by DNV GL proves true, then almost three-fourths of the electricity demand increase by 2050 will be generated by...
1 Jun 18
Improvement can be "painstakingly slow"--how should countries improve?
23 May 18
Adani was the largest project developer in total cumulative installations.
16 May 18
It will be commercially operational by the end of this year and so far, no agreement has been reached.
2 May 18
Some developers were granted less capacity than they applied for.
25 Apr 18
Renewable energy certificates will be sold to corporations and the public.
18 Apr 18
Without government support, it would be thoroughly un-investible for traditional bond investors.
30 Mar 18
The sector is bright and shining, but experts are afraid that players are getting way ahead of themselves as issues on lack of access roads, clean...
27 Mar 18
Will utilising it prove to be boon or bane?
14 Mar 18
Project financing hit $6.4b.
7 Mar 18
They keep flocking to solar energy but the government reveals the industry is currently plagued with headwinds.
28 Feb 18
The right commercial and regulatory mechanisms must be implemented to boost its adoption.
21 Feb 18
Tie-up woes will continue until 2019.
14 Feb 18
78% of the 12.3GW capacity in planning or construction stages are conventional thermal plants.
31 Jan 18
This is despite wanting to achieve 23% renewables in the energy mix by 2025.
17 Jan 18
The region's projected capacity may hit 5GW by 2040.
10 Jan 18
Investment opportunity could hit US$250b in the next 10 years.
8 Jan 18
Storage is useful but not essential, expert said.
20 Dec 17
With incentives and policies showing a palpable positive effect in RE development, ASEAN countries are striking a balance between fine-tuning...
13 Dec 17
Indonesia will account for over a third of the massive gas import forecast by 2025.
6 Dec 17
The privatisation trend, in particular, holds promise in the near to mid-term horizon, says KPMG partner.
29 Nov 17
The lowest accepted prices was $153.2 per mwh.
22 Nov 17
ENGIE will be creating a test site for a 2.8MW microgrid.
7 Nov 17
Everyone is going nuts over new projects.
1 Nov 17
Project delays at construction stage also loom ahead.
18 Oct 17
Last year it only built 1.7GW of solar power.
11 Oct 17
Tariffs have dropped to a new low of US¢4/kWh.
4 Oct 17
Developers wanting to raise capital for new projects spur urgency.
27 Sep 17
Over 32,700 active projects will be scheduled for construction start-up.
19 Sep 17
Find out what LNS Research president Matthew Littlefield thinks.
6 Sep 17
Finally, there's a general legal framework for solar power projects.
30 Aug 17
No thanks to higher costs and tighter competition with Chinese firms.
23 Aug 17
Its decision to get power from renewables is being questioned.
15 Aug 17
Some experts think it may be high time to revist the Bataan NPP.
9 Aug 17
Asia's share in global renewables capacity will surge to 48%.
2 Aug 17
Whilst solar capacity is predicted to more than double.
26 Jul 17
Even alterations in board members must be reported for approval.
19 Jul 17
Its ambitious target of 110GW by 2020 is achievable, but it won't be lighting up a lot of homes.