In Focus

20 Oct 20
The global solar industry has tremendously grown in the past decade.
19 Oct 20
Wind and solar in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan enjoy feed-in-tariffs with reliable counterparties.
17 Oct 20
Indonesia is expected to overtake the US in leading the global geothermal power sector.
16 Oct 20
The company has clinched repeat investments from institutions such as ADB, DEG, FMO and Proparco.
15 Oct 20
A low carbon recovery can help restore job demand, fiscal balances.
10 Oct 20
Investors with neither experience nor capacity in the sector seek chances to buy into an existing project.
1 Oct 20
This will support the 8.9 GW of new wind power capacity expected to be added by then.
16 Sep 20
Rising gas prices, increased energy security, economic recovery risks gas demand growth.
8 Sep 20
Renewables penetration enters the transition era.
25 Aug 20
Data centre firms have tempered expectations for green energy sources, but opportunities still await.
18 Aug 20
China’s dominance in the market might weaken as more countries ramp up capacity.
28 Jul 20
Subsidies have allowed residential users to dominate rooftop solar installations.
21 Jul 20
Governments have been prioritising immediate needs such as wage subsidies.
14 Jul 20
Power sector planners assumed that locking in coal would lead to a least-cost system.
7 Jul 20
Its biggest coal-fired plant saw cuts in daytime output by more than 70%.
1 Jul 20
It ranked as the top emerging market for clean energy investment.
24 Jun 20
Power consumption fell 6.5% in Q1, but growth has recovered recently.
17 Jun 20
India currently relies on about $250b of fossil fuel imports annually.
10 Jun 20
Supply disruptions caused by shutdown in China contributed to the decline.
3 Jun 20
Bill shock could occur in countries with rising block tariffs.
27 May 20
The sector enjoys higher interest rates in India compared to other leading renewable countries.
20 May 20
Demand growth is more uncertain than during the SARS outbreak.
13 May 20
The region could follow after the global deflation in renewable tariffs.
11 May 20
Projects still get greenlighted as Mekong River nations struggle to meet climbing power demand, but concerns on their environmental, social, and...
11 May 20
China seeks to raise total nuclear capacity to 58GW by 2020, but whether this target will be hit or not relies on the pace of equipment upgrades...
6 May 20
The tighter coal financing policies announced by Japanese banks still offer loopholes.
29 Apr 20
China is expected to make up 42% of the total global additions.
14 Apr 20
The region took up 60% of new solar capacity.
8 Apr 20
The country’s solar industry relies heavily on Chinese PV module imports.
1 Apr 20
Lower emissions following the lockdown may have helped increase solar output.
25 Mar 20
The resulting liquidity crunch could keep banks from lending to the renewable sector.
18 Mar 20
Markets heavily reliant on manufacturing and construction will likely be worst-hit.
4 Mar 20
Asia received $10b of investments whilst Europe got $5.6b.
14 Feb 20
The weighted average tariff for SECI’s 1,200MW tender is at 4.04-4.30 INR per unit.
12 Feb 20
The massive deals faced technical risks as the two coal plants involved were minemouth projects.
5 Feb 20
As renewables take over the world’s energy mix, the region will continue to grow its global PV capacity at full speed.
29 Jan 20
On average, savings can hit 30% off the regulated tariff after live auctions were launched.
22 Jan 20
Despite being a newcomer in the global scene, China added more capacity than any country in the last two years.
17 Jan 20
Investments in solar dropped to less than a third of the 2017 peak.
8 Jan 20
They recently launched an SGQR code for bills payment.