In Focus

7 Apr 21
The country initially set a 2017 target date for power companies to comply.
30 Mar 21
The large number of plants are each performing poorly and “particularly suitable” for fast-track retirement.
22 Mar 21
The country has come up with a 'dual circulation' economic manifesto.
15 Mar 21
Electricity generation for the month was at 112 BU.
4 Mar 21
It will be called the Sultan Ibrahim Solar Park.
26 Feb 21
It will comprise three state-owned companies focused on geothermal power.
19 Feb 21
The country has a highly supportive, regulatory environment for the market.
15 Feb 21
It will control the country’s reliance on fossil fuels.
3 Feb 21
The project would supply up to 20% of Singapore’s electricity needs.
26 Jan 21
The firms will provide services, including clean energy innovation advisory and more.
12 Jan 21
Coal-fired plants with no carbon capturing must be phased out within 25 years.
7 Dec 20
Production offshore Victoria is forecast to decline from around 2023.
24 Nov 20
APAC offers a unique proposition for renewable energy investments.
19 Nov 20
Investors with neither experience nor capacity in the sector seek chances to buy into an existing project.
17 Nov 20
The region comprises 29% of the global project pipeline.
13 Nov 20
Indonesia is expected to overtake the US in leading the global geothermal power sector.
10 Nov 20
The country faced shortages in 2019 due to droughts and low water levels.
6 Nov 20
Wind and solar in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan enjoy feed-in-tariffs with reliable counterparties.
4 Nov 20
Currently, hydrocarbons comprise 80% of the country’s primary energy supply.
27 Oct 20
Coal generation to shrink to 10% in 2030.
20 Oct 20
The global solar industry has tremendously grown in the past decade.
16 Oct 20
The company has clinched repeat investments from institutions such as ADB, DEG, FMO and Proparco.
15 Oct 20
A low carbon recovery can help restore job demand, fiscal balances.
1 Oct 20
This will support the 8.9 GW of new wind power capacity expected to be added by then.
16 Sep 20
Rising gas prices, increased energy security, economic recovery risks gas demand growth.
8 Sep 20
Renewables penetration enters the transition era.
25 Aug 20
Data centre firms have tempered expectations for green energy sources, but opportunities still await.
18 Aug 20
China’s dominance in the market might weaken as more countries ramp up capacity.
28 Jul 20
Subsidies have allowed residential users to dominate rooftop solar installations.
21 Jul 20
Governments have been prioritising immediate needs such as wage subsidies.
14 Jul 20
Power sector planners assumed that locking in coal would lead to a least-cost system.
7 Jul 20
Its biggest coal-fired plant saw cuts in daytime output by more than 70%.
1 Jul 20
It ranked as the top emerging market for clean energy investment.
24 Jun 20
Power consumption fell 6.5% in Q1, but growth has recovered recently.
17 Jun 20
India currently relies on about $250b of fossil fuel imports annually.
10 Jun 20
Supply disruptions caused by shutdown in China contributed to the decline.
3 Jun 20
Bill shock could occur in countries with rising block tariffs.
27 May 20
The sector enjoys higher interest rates in India compared to other leading renewable countries.
20 May 20
Demand growth is more uncertain than during the SARS outbreak.
13 May 20
The region could follow after the global deflation in renewable tariffs.