In Focus

17 Apr 19
The 9GW Xekong transmission project between RATCH, B.Grimm, and Laos marks the kingdom's increased reliance on ASEAN neighbors.
12 Apr 19
Energy policy constraints prevent energy giants South Korea and Taiwan from reaching the 81% global average capacity factor for nuclear power...
3 Apr 19
Countries along the famous river basin need to strengthen legislation and consider non-hydro alternatives amidst climate change threats, experts...
27 Mar 19
The installations of solar PV in Thailand jumped from 32MW in 2007 to 2,697MW in 2017.
19 Mar 19
It has injected a total of $175m into AC Energy and B.Grimm Power to fund plant developments.
13 Mar 19
From a new FiT policy to a different market mechanism, the country is finally opening up.
6 Mar 19
But regulatory risks and implementation pose a threat to investment potential spurred by population and economic growth.
27 Feb 19
But countries need to continue to commit to goals and lure projects and investments.
20 Feb 19
With a newly opened retail market, the country might be halfway in its energy transition, but issues on its overseas investments in coal are...
13 Feb 19
CEO Paddy Padmanathan discusses ties with Silk Road Fund to create the world’s largest single-site CSP and expansion into the Indonesian...
6 Feb 19
Solar and wind still struggle to be cost-competitive against coal.
30 Jan 19
About 58 greenfield coal-fired power plants are due to come online by 2027, blurring the outlook for renewables development in the country.
23 Jan 19
Falling wind power costs and government support could help, analysts say.
16 Jan 19
Demand is set to drop by 18% whilst installations are set to plummet by as much as 30%.
9 Jan 19
Asia Pacific countries have a raging appetite for wind power, but high costs and unattractive feed-in-tariffs mean that not all governments will...
19 Dec 18
The culprit? Recent auction cancellations and higher solar prices.
12 Dec 18
Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales took the lead in investment and capacity additions.
5 Dec 18
President director Mohammad Effendi shares how the company has linked with Japan and Korea to give 2.26GW of power to remote areas.
28 Nov 18
A third of commissioned renewables have yet to receive their subsidy payment.
21 Nov 18
Policy revisions in China have affected the costs of new PV installations.
14 Nov 18
Its 24-month fixed rate price plans will go head-to-head against 12 other retailers.
7 Nov 18
Coal takes centre stage with 35% market share, whilst renewables deals are stuck at pre-investment even with electricity demand poised to grow by...
31 Oct 18
Renewable electricity targets and incentives of all states are highly divergent from each other.
24 Oct 18
Since market liberalisation, 5.7 million customers have already switched to new electricity providers.
17 Oct 18
Victoria and New South Wales generated only 13.6% and 12.6% of electricity from renewables in 2017.
3 Oct 18
Risks are still prevalent, but experts are finding ways to curb them with the help of governments, investment regimes, and flexible thinking....
26 Sep 18
Experts at Power-Gen Asia 2018 deliberated whether Asia is still in the path of coal, renewables, or the combination of both.
19 Sep 18
Landmark projects in Indonesia and the Philippines are paving the way, but investor and regulatory roadblocks remain.
12 Sep 18
Forecasted failures to meet ambitious nuclear targets leave Japan looking to renewables for long-term relief.
5 Sep 18
Solar and wind transactions hit US$3.8b and boosted total deal value.
29 Aug 18
Two hotbeds for large hydropower development — the Himalayas and Mekong River — depict its potential and limitations.
22 Aug 18
Operational doubts persist as power operators look for more physical space.
15 Aug 18
It cut Zhejiang IPPs' tariffs by at most 5%.
8 Aug 18
The project pipeline for coal plants has dropped from 50 in 2012 to 35.
1 Aug 18
China is expected to lead the pack and add 12GW in the next decade.
24 Jul 18
Despite lower profits and higher risks.
17 Jul 18
More than 3 out of 4 investors say there is no transparency.
10 Jul 18
Gas will remain king for now.
4 Jul 18
The privatisation trend holds promise in the near to mid-term horizon.
27 Jun 18
The technology poses a great potential in driving down costs.