In Focus

24 Jan 12
China’s potential for offshore wind power is placed at 750 GW, or three times that of onshore wind resources.
21 Jan 12
Japan's wind power capacity rose 11.7 percent in the year to March 2011as the country was set to launch a new subsidy system to lure...
20 Jan 12
Vietnam wants peaceful and responsible use of nuclear power while ensuring power security and safety.
18 Jan 12
The government of China will resume approving new plants after the announcement of the nuclear safety plan cleared by the Ministry of...
17 Jan 12
Indian PM Manmohan Singh will come under intense pressure to respond to the country's power crisis when he meets power executives.
16 Jan 12
The Xianrendong Wind Farm Project located in Lufeng of Yunnan Province has been offcially approved by the Yunnan Development and Reform...
13 Jan 12
Asian solar stocks surged on a spate of good news about results and prospects worldwide.
12 Jan 12
Tepco bumped up its gas use plans to a fresh record high to make up for lost nuclear output after the destruction of its Fukushima Daiichi plant...
11 Jan 12
The Japanese government may take control of the nation's nuclear power plants away from private utilities, in a bid to improve...
11 Jan 12
Chinese airlines may sue the EU as they refuse to impose surcharges on customers relating to the emissions tax.
9 Jan 12
Malaysia will increase the percentage of electricity generated from renewable energy to 5.5 per cent from the less than one per cent currently...
9 Jan 12
The Adani Group has commissioned what is being touted as India’s largest solar power plant after a build process that took only five...
5 Jan 12
The increasing number of bioenergy power generation projects in 2011 produced 500MW of energy.
4 Jan 12
Indonesia still has a lot of hard work to do to exploit its full potential in renewable energy.
2 Jan 12
The company's original proposal in Hong Kong was for a 9.2% increase.
30 Dec 11
China's Shenhua Group is planning to build the largest coal-fired power station in Asia over the next five years.
28 Dec 11
Japanese Trade Minister Yukio Edano urged Tepco to consider temporarily going under state control.
21 Dec 11
The country plans to secure energy installations as the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il raised fears over what would happen next in the...
19 Dec 11
China has increased its solar power development target for 2015 by 50% to 15 GW.
16 Dec 11
Companies have enough capacity to supply electricity to more than 40% of Japanese households - but there’s a catch.
14 Dec 11
Increased energy consumption can be expected for India to reach its target of 9% economic growth.
14 Dec 11
A draft nuclear power safety regulation is now ready to be sent to the State Council after minor adjustments.
13 Dec 11
The $100m loan is being arranged by Mizuho Corporate Bank.
12 Dec 11
The project will have a capacity of as much as 600 megawatts.
8 Dec 11
But nuclear will remain key to China's energy policy with new approvals to start in 2012.
6 Dec 11
An agreement has been adopted on cooperating, developing and using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes between Japan and several countries....
4 Dec 11
China is doubling the surcharge for solar and other renewables from CNY0.004 to CNY0.008 per kWh.
1 Dec 11
Vietnam is seeking loans from international finance organisations and domestic commercial banks to fund power transmission projects.
30 Nov 11
The governor of Fukushima called on the central government and TEPCO to decommission all nuclear reactors in the Japanese prefecture.
29 Nov 11
And you'll never guess how much loan ADB approved for the project.
24 Nov 11
Ten new nuclear power projects are part of India's 12th Five Year Plan, from 2012-17.
23 Nov 11
The Indian government has formally announced new rules which cap the liability of nuclear equipment suppliers in case of accidents.
23 Nov 11
Guess which country agreed to lend as much as $9b for the project?
21 Nov 11
The World Bank expects to invest about $1.5 billion in India's energy sector over the next two years.
21 Nov 11
A dam and a coal-fired power plant will be built in the Philippines with the assistance of South Korea.
21 Nov 11
Mekong River nations will meet on December 7 to decide whether to endorse the project.
17 Nov 11
South Korea and Saudi Arabia cooperate in the development of nuclear energy.
14 Nov 11
The Overseas Private Investment Corp nears its limit for lending to projects in India, and other banks may follow suit.
11 Nov 11
Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Sreekumar Banerjee, stressed the importance to generate greater awareness among local residents that nuke plants do...
10 Nov 11
More than one third of the PV projects handed out in India’s first national auction look set to miss their January completion deadline,...