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6 Jan 21
Its Philippines Smart Solar Network project was recognised at the Asian Power Awards 2020.
31 Dec 20
The $394 million transaction will give China Datang Corp a 75% stake in three plants.
7 Dec 20
The firm was recognized for its Feni 114 MW HFO Fired Power Plant project.
1 Dec 20
The firm will supply a new set of steam turbine components.
25 Nov 20
The offshore wind developer aims to create a one-stop energy platform.
18 Nov 20
Organisations tend to use automation, AI instead of improving their employees’ skills.
3 Nov 20
The founding partner talks about the opportunities in the Asian market.
3 Nov 20
John shares insights on what industry players can learn from the pandemic.
2 Nov 20
Its T-Point 2 project redefines power plants and technologies in the power sector.
16 Oct 20
Proposal and relevant frameworks to be completed by September 2021.
18 Jun 20
GPSC has acquired all of Brookfield’s solar interests in Thailand for US$100m.
18 May 20
It’s the first IPP in Bangladesh financed by international commercial financiers.
1 Apr 20
The next show will be held in Osaka on 9-11 September.
16 Mar 20
The project is said to produce about 49,526MWh of renewable energy yearly.
28 Feb 20
The two are looking to launch a study on offshore wind cost reduction in October.
28 Feb 20
It implemented measures to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak.
27 Feb 20
It will be built on the site of a golf course.
21 Feb 20
$59.71m will be injected into the first phase of development.
13 Feb 20
Over 2,000 solar panels will be installed on SIA and SIAEC’s premises.
11 Feb 20
The company has set up a JV with CNTIC.
7 Feb 20
It bought a 67% stake in the wind farm for $53.16m.
6 Feb 20
The 39MWp plant in Pahang will generate enough electricity for 12,000 homes.
30 Jan 20
The $120m project will store 150MWh of energy.
4 Dec 19
It will power 3,735 households per year.
27 Nov 19
Consumer packages cover services for installation, commissioning, operations, and after-sales.
25 Nov 19
More than 2,600 solar panels have been built.
18 Nov 19
Commercial operation of the project is within October 2020.
13 Nov 19
It may also benefit from a tightening power supply-demand dynamics in 2022.
4 Nov 19
It is marketed at a price of 17.66 cents/kWh.
4 Nov 19
It will invest a total of $4.07m into development.
25 Oct 19
The project has 450kW capacity.
22 Oct 19
It is implementing 725MW of wind projects in the area.
2 Oct 19
It will be placed in more than 1,200 HDB blocks and 49 government sites.
24 Jul 19
It will provide approximately 94,000MWh of electricity per year to 31,000 households.
24 Jul 19
This tender will cover the two of the wind farm’s eastern blocks.
10 Jul 19
The companies set up a joint venture called Pacific Sunseap Energy.
19 Jun 19
TOWSC intends to utilise its position in Changhua to form a consortium for future offshore wind opportunities.
19 Jun 19
The project will comprise approximately 17,000 solar panels utilising tracking technology.
10 May 19
The school aims to be powered by at least 90% renewable energy.
7 May 19
This is due to the ongoing Lok Sabha election.