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27 Jan 17
Over $1b spent annually in R&D for new products Oil giant Shell has is finding a niche in the energy sustainability conversation...
27 Jan 17
It's expected to provide 1,200MW of electricity by 2019.
26 Jan 17
ABB will be providing services.
23 Jan 17
The project will generate 550MW.
20 Jan 17
But executives are still mum about further details.
17 Jan 17
This comes as the 1,500MW Hazelwood brown coal plant will be closed soon.
16 Jan 17
It will be for a 66MW project in Western Victoria state.
11 Jan 17
It has partnered with seven other utilities including Japan's TEPCO and UAE's DEWA.
10 Jan 17
The 340MW Chashma-III plant will add 600MW to the grid.
10 Jan 17
Affected natural gas plants will run on alternative or replacement fuel.
23 Dec 16
The venture is with AMP solar for the Telangana-based project.
23 Dec 16
These will be delivered in the first quarter of 2017.
21 Dec 16
Construction and grid connection took a total of 8 years.
21 Dec 16
And analysts previously thought hackers were using Excel.
20 Dec 16
Late-stage projects include Lincoln Gap in South Australia.
19 Dec 16
The project will add a third LNG train.
15 Dec 16
The project will cost $24.1b with Hitachi covering 10% of the amount.
15 Dec 16
A fully non-inductive operation mode was used to make this happen.
14 Dec 16
It will cover 3 solar projects costing clost to US$300m.
13 Dec 16
Find out who else are in.
13 Dec 16
17 direct drive wind turbines will be supplied for the Uljin onshore wind power plant.
12 Dec 16
This is among 4 signed pacts including energy efficiency partnership.
9 Dec 16
PTT will buy 1.2m tonnes of LNG from 2019 onwards.
7 Dec 16
Purchases have hit 2.6GW of wind and solar energy.
6 Dec 16
It's the group's maiden order win.
25 Nov 16
Final approval can be given after a 30-day comment period.
25 Nov 16
It eyes developing 4 offshore wind farms in Changhua County.
18 Nov 16
3 sets of 44MW hydroelectric generating equipment shall be supplied.
11 Nov 16
It's the second tranche loan of the $300m financing aid for Assam approved by ADB.
10 Nov 16
APAC's market value share will hit 47.2%.
8 Nov 16
It's the firm's first investment.
8 Nov 16
Find out who will be the importers for the next tranche of LNG for Singapore.
16 Sep 16
It will tackle ASEAN's target of hitting 23% RE share by 2025.
31 Aug 16
Check out the strong line-up energy though leaders.
24 Aug 16
Its electrical efficiency is at an unprecendented 61.5%.
15 Aug 16
Flexibility is key for firms and institutions looking to lock down their energy usage and generation.
28 Jul 16
Will it lose its spot as the largest market in the region?
7 Jul 16
Registration is now open for the 9th Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW), a key platform for the discussion of global energy issues and...
3 Jun 16
Substation extensions are covered in the deal.