17 Jan 20
Intermittency is being addressed by battery storage.
15 Oct 19
The two made a joint investment of $30m in line with the development.
9 Oct 19
One of the firms, China Shenhua Energy, did not consider climate change as a material issue.
2 Oct 19
Rates for floating solar power and ground-mounted projects will be reduced to $0.769 and $0.709, respectively.
2 Oct 19
It will be placed in more than 1,200 HDB blocks and 49 government sites.
21 Aug 19
DBS, OCBC, and UOB have banned financing of new coal-fired power plants.
21 Aug 19
13 coal projects benefited from green bonds.
21 Aug 19
Its share in generation capacity is expected to rise to 63.2% in 2028 as shelved projects resurface.
7 Aug 19
Surface radiation has been affected by emissions of sulfur dioxide and black carbon.
11 Jun 19
It sealed its first green loan through Sunseap’s rooftop solar projects for over 20 C&I customers in Singapore.
11 Jun 19
It aims to use 100% renewable energy across its 7,500 facilities by 2020.
27 Mar 19
Coal consumption rose in China and five other Asian countries in line with the energy demand spike.
25 Mar 19
Billions being invested in renewables are being undermined by air pollution as India emerges as a solar superpower.
7 Mar 19
The bank continues to finance coal power projects in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Indonesia.
4 Mar 19
It aims to produce 30bcm of biogas from agricultural waste and manure by 2030.
27 Feb 19
Governments around the world are putting policies in place to curb carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement on climate change.
6 Feb 19
The group attributed most of the emissions to the power sector, which is not subject to constraints.
28 Jan 19
Cuts of 200MW have been ordered, sending 60,000 customers in Victoria to darkness.
23 Jan 19
Over a quarter of coal plants being developed outside the country are supported by Chinese banks and firms.
16 Jan 19
Demand is set to drop by 18% whilst installations are set to plummet by as much as 30%.
19 Dec 18
The official launch of the seven projects is scheduled in January 2019.
5 Dec 18
The investment will support infrastructure for 36GW of renewables.
28 Nov 18
A third of commissioned renewables have yet to receive their subsidy payment.
26 Nov 18
The country is eligible to tap into $10.3b of pledged financing.
14 Nov 18
Indonesia currently has over 230 million inhabitants spread out in 34 provinces demanding basic supplies for domestic and industrial needs....
26 Sep 18
It previously faced pressure for the potential funding of three Vietnam coal plants.
10 Jul 18
Gas will remain king for now.
29 Jun 18
More joint ventures with multinationals are on the cards.
22 Jun 18
Qinghai aims to provide clean electricity for its 6 million population.
13 Jun 18
Nuclear energy operations may reach up to a capacity of 2,000 to 5,000 MW by 2040.
13 Jun 18
If the energy transition outlook by DNV GL proves true, then almost three-fourths of the electricity demand increase by 2050 will be generated by...
6 Apr 18
Last year, while presenting Singapore’s budget for 2017, the Singapore Finance Minister announced that Singapore will impose a tax on...
21 Feb 18
Over half of this population would shell out for a 5% bill hike.
4 Jul 17
And China is still among the giants who keep building.
23 May 17
Asian countries hold a massive 87.4%.
24 Apr 17
Radiation levels have dropped in most areas.
24 Apr 17
One of the projects is the $2.2b Son My 1 gas-fired power plant.
19 Apr 17
Wasted wind energy is roughly equal to Beijin's annual power use.
7 Apr 17
This is due to dropping costs of renewables equipment.
10 Mar 17
Emissions dropped by 3.57m tonnes.