Adaro Power

In line with the government’s efforts to increase renewables sources of power generation, AP actively looking for renewables power projects in order to have a balanced energy mix in its portfolio. Therefore, AP continues to study renewable power projects such as biomass, wind power, and solar PV, to diversify its energy mix and to support PLN through unsolicited proposal and tenders. AP is also developing captive use power generation projects for the Adaro Group’s other business units. At the moment, AP is finalizing contract for capacity expansion of its solar PV in Kelanis Dedicated Coal Terminal, which it plans to increase from 130 kWp to 597 kWp, as well as to provide diesel power to Indonesia Bulk Terminal (IBT) which is potentially to be combined with solar PV on hybrid basis in the near future.

What can Adaro Power contribute to the shift to a green economy?

The company developed renewable power projects and wanted to make sure that its plans will be achieved in a just manner.

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