Philippines looks into nuclear as potential stable energy source

The Philippines is considering reactivating the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant after 34 years of closure in order to provide its citizens with nuclear energy as a source of electricity. The public has mixed feelings about this, mainly regarding safety concerns. The head of the Department of Science and Technology at the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute believes that nuclear energy is important and necessary. However, there are misconceptions and negative perceptions about nuclear energy, particularly in regards to safety and waste disposal. The Philippines currently relies on coal from Indonesia for 50% of its electricity and biogas from the West Philippine Sea for 20%, but these resources are running out and the country is at risk of an energy crisis. Additionally, Indonesia recently announced that it will stop importing coal due to its high cost, which further emphasizes the need for alternative energy sources. Dr. Arcilla believes that nuclear energy is a suitable alternative and will be stable and inexpensive.