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12 Nov 18
It is willing to offer top technologies to customers in Indonesia as its power market is expected to grow at a tremendous rate.
12 Nov 18
Its collaboration with Chubu Electric Power will allow it to supply energy to Asia and conduct knowledge transfer, skills training, and...
7 Nov 18
This strengthens the long-term partnership between Shanghai Electric and Ansaldo Energia.
26 Oct 18
The 11th Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW) will bring together distinguished global energy leaders to share insights and perspectives on...
17 Sep 18
Doosan Lentjes will speak about cutting-edge power plant technologies during the POWER-GEN Asia to take place from 18 – 20 September in...
21 Aug 18
In our current and ongoing technology and industrial revolution, combined with accelerating urbanization, industrial structures are being...
30 Jul 18
It will host energy trend report launches by international organisations.
25 Jul 18
Ansaldo Energia will support SPIC's R&D work on heavy duty gas turbines.
29 May 18
Only one month left before WNE 2018.
24 May 18
Digital technology and data analytics take a whole new spin in the utilities space.
12 Apr 18
Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) will be participating at Hannover Messe in Hannover, Germany, April 23-27, 2018.
10 Apr 18
The country seems to be geared up to become increasingly green but where does this leave coal?
6 Feb 18
The advanced hydrogen-based autonomous energy supply system is now providing round-the-clock, carbon-free power to Japanese hotels, train stations...
26 Sep 17
Toshiba is now looking at boosting Asia’s energy needs in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner.
20 Sep 17
Ten of these wil be installed in three plants.
19 Sep 17
Here's how utilities can count on ABB's oath to collaboration.
7 Aug 17
Good engineering solutions in a service-oriented manner.
28 Jul 17
Current reliable supply may not be enough for the island it powers.
30 Jun 17
Sixth generation of the world’s most popular synchronizer keeps power plants and substations safe and productive.
29 Jun 17
This is in partnership with EPC firm Liyu.
6 Jun 17
In order to thrive, utilities must embrace and harness digital transformation.
2 May 17
It will provide 24MW of power to Martabe gold mine.
30 Mar 17
And why adapted transmission and resource planning are necessary.
7 Feb 17
Private energy firm ENN Group gets new gas turbine.
6 Oct 16
The four units for the Gorontalo province will provide 100MW of power and will be used for grid stability and expected power demand increases...
3 Oct 16
 GTIAC is a cost-effective optimised solution.
13 Jul 16
The history of corporate innovation is one of people and companies trying to outdo themselves (and each other).
11 May 16
GE is set to up the game in turbine technology in a threefold bid to improve the overall efficiency beyond 63%.
17 Jun 15
Green automation solution reduces energy consumption, lowers hardware requirements and withstands extreme operating conditions.
12 Mar 15
It takes great audacity for a young firm to venture out of the familiarity of its home market and establish a foothold in foreign...
12 Mar 15
The Microgrid Plus System integrates high penetration renewable power into a microgrid, while improving grid reliability and energy...
26 Nov 14
Water is integral to the efficiency of power plants, and Veolia Water Technologies is at the forefront of providing unique solutions to the...
17 Nov 14
A unified platform saves time and cost while providing effective risk management.
8 Sep 14
Unmanned power generation plants is the new thing.
20 May 14
Delivering integrated instrumentation, control and electrical solutions for power generation and water plants – on time, within budget,...
27 Feb 14
ABB offers a complete portfolio of flexible service solutions that meet the diverse requirements of customers, their plants and the market...
18 Nov 13
The OWL Group is the only truly ASEAN high end power engineering consultancy company having been established in Thailand and expanded...
18 Nov 13
The OWL Group is the only truly ASEAN high end power engineering consultancy company having been established in Thailand and expanded into the...
13 Sep 13
Find out more about the industrial internet platform built for unique scale of industrial data.
13 Sep 13
A major requirement on electricity supply systems is high supply reliability for the customer – which is mainly determined ...