Power Utility

15 Dec 17
It attracted over 1.6GW of submissions.
15 Dec 17
The power station, it said, was built on the epicentre of a likely earthquake.
14 Dec 17
Whilst the amount of solar tenders plunged 25% to just 300MW.
13 Dec 17
Indonesia will account for over a third of the massive gas import forecast by 2025.
13 Dec 17
It has hit financial close for the second unit of its 2x668MW super-critical coal plant.
12 Dec 17
The Liddell plant will be retired by 2022.
7 Dec 17
This is despite challenges arising from wider renewables use.
7 Dec 17
Project development has not been going smoothly as expected.
7 Dec 17
The solar boom may be fizzling out in some countries, but definitely not in Southeast Asia.
7 Dec 17
CEO Tan Sri Francis Yeoh reveals the company’s two big projects for the year worth US$5b.
6 Dec 17
The privatisation trend, in particular, holds promise in the near to mid-term horizon, says KPMG partner.
1 Dec 17
81% of utility scale solar tenders were tendered by public entities.
29 Nov 17
The lowest accepted prices was $153.2 per mwh.
29 Nov 17
It needs investors for the 2x600MW facility.
29 Nov 17
Ohi-3 and 4 will resume operation by mid-March 2018.
28 Nov 17
Capacity for bidders range from 50-400MW.
27 Nov 17
But many project commissioning dates are still delayed.
23 Nov 17
The transaction approximately costs $1b.
22 Nov 17
ENGIE will be creating a test site for a 2.8MW microgrid.
20 Nov 17
It will shell out $14b for the project.
14 Nov 17
It will be fully operational in 2018.
10 Nov 17
The new coal-fired power plant will be operated by SCCL.
10 Nov 17
PacificLight’s CEO Yu Tat Ming shares how his company maintains and innovates Singapore’s first LNG-fired power plant.
7 Nov 17
Everyone is going nuts over new projects.
7 Nov 17
The 880MW project will be operational by 2018.
1 Nov 17
Project delays at construction stage also loom ahead.
30 Oct 17
No thanks to slow restart of nuclear power plants.
27 Oct 17
A whopping 40% of this will be in Indonesia.
26 Oct 17
He will take over by Monday next week.
24 Oct 17
Over 200 key industry figures flocked to Malaysia for the event.
20 Oct 17
Power consumption will grow by a measly 3.2%.
19 Oct 17
Extending the operating life of each reactor would be too expensive.
12 Oct 17
It's been unoperational for five days now due to pipe rupture.
12 Oct 17
The $750m deal is part of the company's plan to phase out coal.
11 Oct 17
Tariffs have dropped to a new low of US¢4/kWh.
6 Oct 17
Annual utilisation will be hiked to 70 million tonnes of coal equvalent.
6 Oct 17
Units 6 & 7 were given the go signal.
3 Oct 17
Total installed capacity now hit 585MW.
3 Oct 17
It now owns 18.7m shares in the company.