Power Utility

26 Oct 17
He will take over by Monday next week.
24 Oct 17
Over 200 key industry figures flocked to Malaysia for the event.
20 Oct 17
Power consumption will grow by a measly 3.2%.
19 Oct 17
Extending the operating life of each reactor would be too expensive.
12 Oct 17
It's been unoperational for five days now due to pipe rupture.
12 Oct 17
The $750m deal is part of the company's plan to phase out coal.
11 Oct 17
Tariffs have dropped to a new low of US¢4/kWh.
6 Oct 17
Annual utilisation will be hiked to 70 million tonnes of coal equvalent.
6 Oct 17
Units 6 & 7 were given the go signal.
3 Oct 17
Total installed capacity now hit 585MW.
3 Oct 17
It now owns 18.7m shares in the company.
28 Sep 17
Coal-fired power generation in China is predicted to remain flat until 2040.
27 Sep 17
Over 32,700 active projects will be scheduled for construction start-up.
27 Sep 17
28.8MW solar facility will be connected to a 50MW wind farm.
26 Sep 17
TEPCO must pay US$3.3m in compensation to evacuees.
25 Sep 17
Their combined capacity is 1.4GW.
25 Sep 17
US$600m will be for development in the eastern part.
25 Sep 17
If you thought it was maximising solar capacities, you are wrong.
22 Sep 17
Theme will be "Rethinking Energy; Navigating Change".
21 Sep 17
Nominations for "The Oscars" of the power industry impressively surged to 135.
15 Sep 17
The coal-fired plant's scheduled shut down in 2022 will push through.
13 Sep 17
It will soon be beating the Philipipnes as the world's second largest.
6 Sep 17
It is slated to be Taiwan's largest solar power project.
6 Sep 17
Energy Queensland and GreenSync will work on the project.
6 Sep 17
Safety concerns still hold the public back in trusting nuclear power.
6 Sep 17
The US$1.08b project will be commissioned in 2024.
4 Sep 17
It now wholly and solely owns SGI.
1 Sep 17
Ohi- 3 and 4 will be strengthened.
1 Sep 17
Traditional power projects failed to meet deadlines.
31 Aug 17
Japan Atomic Power Co applied for an extension in May 2017.
30 Aug 17
No thanks to higher costs and tighter competition with Chinese firms.
30 Aug 17
The combined utility's total capacity will hit 225GW.
25 Aug 17
It plans connecting to the grid by end-2017.
10 Aug 17
This is despite current power shortage.
4 Aug 17
This is despite a slight recover in 1H17.
20 Jul 17
Firms throwing in the towel jumped by 20.4% from 2015.
19 Jul 17
It eyes ramping up the capacity to 19MW.
12 Jul 17
10-12GW of installations are expected.
5 Jul 17
Cost and land availability remain as major blocks.