China will remain as largest wind market: report

It will add 70GW to 80GW annually until 2030.
4 days ago

China will remain as largest wind market: report

It will add 70GW to 80GW annually until 2030.
4 days ago

China to sustain lead in renewable equipment manufacturing

Companies in China are estimated to have a 50% share of the wind turbine market.

Sinopec calls for more CCUS projects in China

The company said this could significantly reduce emissions. 

China dominates global wind turbine orders in 2022

The market accounted for 70% of the order capacity during the year. 

China, Vietnam lead markets with most gas plant build-out: report

The gas capacity across the globe grew by 22% YoY in 2022. 

How China can control new coal power plant build-out

A report found local governments have permitted a combined 106GW of new coal power capacity.

Two new coal power plants get green light in China weekly: report

The local governments in the market approved a total of 106GWs of new capacity in 2022. 

Sinopec launches largest Green Hydrogen-Coal Chemical project in Inner Mongolia

The project is expected to “guarantee” China’s energy security. 

China drives global offshore wind installation in 2022

The country accounted for 29 out of the 42 offshore wind installations globally.

China holds lowest-cost renewable power in APAC

It overtakes India as China sees a 4% electricity cost decline in utility-scale solar.

China ranks 3rd amongst leading blue hydrogen market

It is behind the United States and Canada.

China’s grid capex to recover in 2023

This is due to the rise of renewables capacity.

China’s power consumption up 3.6% YoY in 2022

The growth is slowed that the 10.3% recorded in 2021

Solar power to boost China’s generation capacity growth in 2023

It accounted for about half of the new capacity in 2022.

Gas market outlook in China remains ‘bullish’

China’s gas demand is expected to grow up to 512bcm by 2031.

EDPR Sunseap grows solar capacity to 130MWp in China

This includes 30 solar projects in various stages of development. 

China, Australia drive Asia’s energy storage market: report

The markets to account for 31% and 26% of the total electricity generation.