Southeast Asia

Floating solar plays vital role in SEA’s energy transition

The region has around 500 MW of FPV projects in operation.

Floating solar plays vital role in SEA’s energy transition

The region has around 500 MW of FPV projects in operation.

How Southeast Asia can unlock its biogas potential

The region only has around one gigawatt of capacity with Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia leading in terms of production.

ASEAN solar, wind capacity up 20% in 2023

Around 23 GW of renewable energy projects are expected to come online by 2025.

ASEAN has over 99% untapped wind, solar potential

The region has 30,523 GW solar potential and 1,383 GW projected wind capacity.

Policymaking drives solar and wind momentum in Southeast Asia: report

Vietnam leads the way with a 35 TWh increase in solar and 11 TWh in wind.

TNB extends energy transition efforts in Southeast Asia

Policies, green tech, funding, and strategic partnerships are vital for energy transition.

SEA electricity demand slows in 2023

Indonesia, for example, is expected to see a 4% electricity demand growth in 2023, slower than the 6.3% last year.

Why ASEAN should take a regional approach to accelerating RE

The Regional Approach Report outlines how collaboration is key to the aim of 35% renewable energy capacity by 2025 in the region.

Southeast Asia’s RE manufacturing to generate up to $100b revenue by 2030

Its solar PV manufacturing capacity could reach 125 GW to 150 GW.

Southeast Asia RE investments to exceed $76b in 2025

This is driven by national oil companies and traditional upstream players.

Southeast Asia sees rapid LNG regasification capacity growth

The region relies on LNG for energy security and transition.

Southeast Asia at the forefront of coal phase-out in power plants

Amidst the challenges of eliminating coal in the region’s energy mix, ASEAN Taxonomy Board paves way for sustainable financing for phase-out.

Singapore, IEA partner to enhance regional power grid capabilities

The EMA and IEA will hold a training programme for more than 160 participants. 

ASEAN Clean Energy Week

The most influential renewable energy event in ASEAN.

SMRs may deliver their climate promise too little, too late 

As these nuclear reactors are still in development, their wide deployment is unlikely, analysts say. 

ASEAN’s energy security is at risk as it prepares for gas and coal imports

The region’s reliance on fossil fuel imports threatens its energy security due to price volatility and lack of affordability.

Can 150 gigawatts of green energy help phase out coal?

Southeast Asia's renewables push requires more capacity to challenge coal reliance effectively,” experts said.