Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia’s LNG industry potential faces headwinds

The region was once projected to be the world’s fastest-growing LNG market. 

Southeast Asia’s LNG industry potential faces headwinds

The region was once projected to be the world’s fastest-growing LNG market. 

Southeast Asia's nuclear ambitions dashed by public opinion

As of 2023, there are 422 operable nuclear power reactors in the world, but none from SEA.

SEACEF to invest in Skye Renewables

This is in pursuit of Skye’s 300Mwp rooftop solar installation target. 

Which ASEAN countries are the most energy-intensive

Their energy intensity is higher than the world average, according to IEA.

What could dry up Laos’ hydropower potential

The market is poised to be a key electricity exporter in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam leads gas expansion plans in Southeast Asia: report

A total of 56GW is either in pre-construction or construction stages.

Balancing technology will be key to achieving net-zero targets in Southeast Asia

Wärtsilä talks about how renewables combined with flexible balancing technologies will enable net-zero power systems in the region.

What can fix renewable energy’s intermittency?

Solar and wind power are not reliable enough to meet Southeast Asia’s issue on power demand, Enlit Asia’s invitees said.

Laos poised to be Southeast Asia’s key electricity supplier

This comes amidst the development the Laos-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project.

ACCIONA Energia acquires nearly 50% in SG-based wind developer

This will enable the company to enter the Southeast Asian markets.

Southeast Asia needs $210b investments annually to reach net-zero goals by 2050

By 2030, the region needs $150b in investments to install 240GW more RE capacity.

The future of fuel for critical power in SEA is here

For mission-critical power users, there is real pressure to reduce emissions from their diesel generators, while still making sure there is no reduction in reliability. The picture is different across Southeast Asia, with some governments legislating quicker than others and the adoption of alternatives likely to differ from region to region.

Southeast Asia faces uphill battle in CCUS deployment without carbon pricing

It is unlikely that the carbon price in the region could reach $40 per tonne of carbon dioxide.

Three imperatives for utilities in the energy transition

The utilities sector has an important role to play in our collective transition to clean energy – one that cannot be understated: by decarbonising the production of power, it enables other industries to decarbonise through electrification. Recognising this, utilities across Southeast Asia are embracing the energy transition, and making commitments to embark on this journey in earnest.

SEA needs $190b annual energy investments by 2030: IEA

This amount will help the region reach its climate goals.

Speeding up energy transition key to ensuring energy security: report

Price increases in oil and gas can have long-term implications.