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Saudi Arabia RE capacity expected to reaching 31.5 GW by 2030

Its renewables capacity will be at 63.1 GW by 2035.
4 days ago

Saudi Arabia RE capacity expected to reaching 31.5 GW by 2030

Its renewables capacity will be at 63.1 GW by 2035.
4 days ago

UAE to maintain thermal power dominance in generation mix

Thermal power installed capacity will reach 46.1 GW by 2035.
6 days ago

Singapore faces cost, investment hurdles in hydrogen push

Significant technological development will enable Singapore to generate 50% of its power from low-carbon hydrogen by 2050.

International cooperation towards net zero emissions pushed

Greenhouse gas emissions by oil and gas operations accounted for 15% of global energy emissions last year.

Renewable fuels propel global energy transition and CO2 reduction

Renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) emerge as key players in reducing carbon emissions, with technological innovations and policy support driving growth.

VOX POP: Could ammonia co-firing be the solution to decarbonise coal-fired plants?

Experts have mixed views of the effectiveness of the nascent technology in decarbonisation.

Supply constraint poses threats to achieving green energy targets: report

These challenges include supply shortages, monopolisation, and geopolitical concerns.

Kazakhstan could miss its revised 2030 renewables target

The country set a 15% renewables target in 2021, up from 10% initially.

Pakistan's energy and economic woes intensify as blackouts reveal deep-rooted issues

Recent events could cost Pakistan its textile contracts, accounting for 8.5% of its gross domestic product.

Hydrogen market to sustain growth despite global economic headwinds

This is supported by energy transition needs and decarbonisation targets.

Bangladesh pivots to coal amidst renewables challenges

The market plans to increase coal-based power generation capacity. 

Are Malaysia’s renewables targets too unrealistic?

GlobalData says the market lacks robust policies.

Asia turns to coal amidst a global energy crisis

India and China are amongst the markets that have increased coal production for energy security.

Indonesia’s geothermal energy to reach 8.1GW by 2035

It could still meet its 9.3GW target if it is successful in the WKP auctions, amongst others.

US sanctions hit Iran’s clean energy sector: report

These have made it challenging for Iran to secure debt and equity finance amongst others. 

APAC to generate lion’s share of world’s energy by 2030

The region is expected to account for 56% of the world’s energy in the  next decade.