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China’s solar production costs down 42%

The Asian manufacturing powerhouse holds 80% of the global manufacturing capacity.

China’s solar production costs down 42%

The Asian manufacturing powerhouse holds 80% of the global manufacturing capacity.

China to gain 80% of global solar manufacturing capacity

The market recently received a $130b investment into the solar industry.

Global wind power installed capacity to reach 2.38 TW in 2032

China will have the largest wind power capacity by 2032 at 1,080 GW.

‘Expensive pathway’ awaits as Vietnam trails to achieve PDP8 targets

Vietnam targets to phase out coal plants and convert them into biomass and ammonia plants.

Japan could face difficulties in reaching hydrogen goals: report

Lack of infrastructure development is one of the challenges it faces.

Untapped offshore wind potential can power Japan’s shift to clean energy

Unleashing wind potential could boost Japan’s share of clean power to 90% by 2035, according to the think tank, Ember.

Wind turbine intake hits new record in Q1

The intake reached 23.5GW of activity, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

Solar PV manufacturing in China to grow to over 230GW in 2026

This is more than enough to supply global market demand, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

APAC to lead floating solar demand

China will have the highest installed capacity globally by 2031 at 13.8GW.

Global floating solar to exceed 6GW by 2031

The sector is expected to grow by 15% annually until 2031.

China’s solar exports up by 64% in 2022: report

Exports amounted to US$52b, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

High cost hinder uptake of nuclear, small modular reactors: report

Nuclear capacity is poised to increase by 280GW by 2050. 

China’s wind power market to rebound in 2023: report

New grid-connected capacity declined by 21%YoY in 2022, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

Global wind energy to surpass 1TW threshold by end-2023

Offshore wind is expected to grow sevenfold by 2032, Wood Mackenzie said.

Pakistan's energy and economic woes intensify as blackouts reveal deep-rooted issues

Recent events could cost Pakistan its textile contracts, accounting for 8.5% of its gross domestic product.

Nuclear ‘renaissance’ is possible despite hurdles: Wood Mackenzie

National governments will need to address more than just competitive costs and innovations.