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China dominates global wind turbine orders in 2022

The market accounted for 70% of the order capacity during the year. 

China dominates global wind turbine orders in 2022

The market accounted for 70% of the order capacity during the year. 

Coal remains the cheapest option for APAC

This is as renewables costs rose last year.

China holds lowest-cost renewable power in APAC

It overtakes India as China sees a 4% electricity cost decline in utility-scale solar.

Construction cost, interest rates worsen RE competitiveness in APAC in 2022

The solar sector’s average cost by 16% in 2022 from 2020 levels.

Long-duration energy storage projects attract over $58b in investment in last 3 years

This could lead to 57GWs of energy storage capacity, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

Wind power to grow nearly 2% between 2022 and 2031: report

This is equivalent to 25.6 gigawatts of new installed capacity.

China drives wind market to break turbine order record in Q2

A total of 35GW out of 43GW global orders were from China.

Australian energy crisis gives rise to new gas supply need

Energy prices rose 400% up to AU$40 per gigajoule. 

China, US to account for 75% of global energy storage demand

Wood Mackenzie projected the markets to have 422GWh and 600GWh by 2031. 

Global offshore wind market to grow to 330GW by 2030: report

Woodmac expects 24 countries to have large-scale offshore wind farms.

Gas demand in Eastern Australia could drop by 60% in 2050

Demand has been declining due to the clean energy transition.

China’s economic growth to cool power demand growth: report

Its GDP growth is seen to average 5% in the next five years.

China’s RE capacity growth is a ‘political headache’ to other countries

Its solar modules production capacity is surpassing projected global demand.

Clean energy transition to gain momentum in China: Woodmac

About 120GW of new solar and wind capacity is expected in 2022.  

Asian LNG imports to grow 3.7% annually over the next decade

This is to support the increasing demand, according to Wood Mackenzie.

Renewable power gains ground in APAC despite cost inflation in 2021

The average cost of producing solar and onshore wind rose by 9% and 2%, respectively.