8 Nov 17
It plans to accomplish this before the 2019 elections.
26 Oct 17
Costs of wind and solar projects will keep dropping until 2020.
26 Oct 17
It will take charge of the 4GW Yadadri thermal project's EPC.
25 Oct 17
The transaction will close in 1Q18.
24 Oct 17
Its first project in Indonesia will be commercially ready in 1Q18.
24 Oct 17
Works will restart by end-November 2017.
23 Oct 17
It will still rely on gas for almost 70% of its genration by 2026.
18 Oct 17
Last year it only built 1.7GW of solar power.
17 Oct 17
The consolidation of their thermal businesses will account for half of Japan's fossil-fuel capacity.
17 Oct 17
It was fired up three days ahead of its target date.
17 Oct 17
Coal mining firm NLC India won the auction with $46m bid.
13 Oct 17
This is part of its ambitious drive to push renewables to 23% by 2025.
10 Oct 17
Two new thermal plants have a capacity of 4GW.
10 Oct 17
This upgraded its effective interest from 49% to 88.62%.
10 Oct 17
It eyes completing the projects by 2019.
10 Oct 17
This will pave the way for the export of APR 1400.
10 Oct 17
70 turbines make up the plant.
10 Oct 17
It will power 5,729 households.
6 Oct 17
Financing was through the world's largest green sukuk worth $237m.
4 Oct 17
The project is slated to be commissioned in 2019.
4 Oct 17
Developers wanting to raise capital for new projects spur urgency.
3 Oct 17
The deal will give Kunlun Energy access to three LNG receiving terminals.
28 Sep 17
The new consortium is for the development, building, and O&M of 2x300MW Riau-1 plant.
22 Sep 17
The projects will be across several Indian states.
20 Sep 17
Some developers are worried over transmission issues.
19 Sep 17
Find out what LNS Research president Matthew Littlefield thinks.
15 Sep 17
Internet of Things (IoT) is billed as the next industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.
15 Sep 17
Continuing my series on recipes for procedures to support Asia to develop PV capacity I am devoting this one to the tariffs.
15 Sep 17
The project will be developed in 486-ha area.
13 Sep 17
It will generate around 48m kWh of power yearly upon commissioning.
12 Sep 17
It is now on the installation phase.
6 Sep 17
Chinese players are hardest hit as coal’s glory days come to a close.
1 Sep 17
Pertamina Geothermal Energy has not started working on the project.
25 Aug 17
Expression of intereste will start in October.
25 Aug 17
It plans connecting to the grid by end-2017.
24 Aug 17
The plant now has a total of 1,503MW.
24 Aug 17
SEB now controls Sarawak Hidro Sdn Bhd, owner of the plant.
23 Aug 17
The project cost is estimated at US$671.2m.