21 Aug 17
It wants to double the current capacity.
15 Aug 17
Some experts think it may be high time to revist the Bataan NPP.
15 Aug 17
Business leaders are worried over energy sustainability.
11 Aug 17
Tender and auction schemes may be winning.
11 Aug 17
MNPC's Jamal Khaer Ibrahim reveals Malaysia's current regulatory infrastructure is not ready for nuclear power development.
9 Aug 17
It will generate almost 120TWh/year.
8 Aug 17
As renewables markets mature, renewables investors are looking to new markets for their next source of growth.
8 Aug 17
The project is to be commissioned in 2025.
7 Aug 17
It will zero in on its 2030 generation targets.
26 Jul 17
Even alterations in board members must be reported for approval.
25 Jul 17
Time frame for the phase-out is yet to be announced.
19 Jul 17
It believes there shouldn't be problems with RECs trading at previous figures.
4 Jul 17
Operational clarity is "lacking in practice".
21 Jun 17
It will not introduce any prices hikes by end-year.
20 Jun 17
The new president warns of "unimaginable consequences".
20 Jun 17
It's a whoppping 89% of the total solar module requirement.
15 Jun 17
These were released in time before subsidies are cut.
1 Jun 17
Its "motivational wave" was once high in 1972.
30 May 17
Government's expenditure capacity is on the line, expert says.
23 May 17
18% tax rate for solar modules has been announced.
17 May 17
They'll stop operation in June this year.
17 May 17
It eyes investing US$22.7b to boost generation capacity to 4,200MW by 2025.
17 May 17
A developer can bid for a max of 250MW capacity.
12 May 17
President Moon vows closing 10 old coal plants earlier than scheduled.
12 May 17
Energy expert says this is a move away from a "bipartisan market-led approach".
11 May 17
Shenhua, Datang Power and CGN will become one.
9 May 17
Analysts say some issues are still unresolved and may affect projects' bankability.
2 May 17
How will gas producers take this?
28 Apr 17
Explorers will be offered various financial incentives.
27 Apr 17
Units 3 and 4 finally gained approval.
21 Apr 17
Here's what you should know about "Decision 11".
20 Apr 17
Earlier this year, the Singapore government announced that it will impose a tax on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from 2019.
18 Apr 17
The plans target generating US$58.7 worth of business value.
18 Apr 17
Greentech Catalyst's Syed Ahmad Syed Mustafa said it stretches expenditure capacity.
11 Apr 17
Whilst thermal capacity addition dropped by 50%.
7 Apr 17
This includes small solar power projects.
5 Apr 17
Additional policies will likely be rolled out to achieve this.