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12 Mar 15
The Microgrid Plus System integrates high penetration renewable power into a microgrid, while improving grid reliability and energy...
26 Nov 14
Water is integral to the efficiency of power plants, and Veolia Water Technologies is at the forefront of providing unique solutions to the...
17 Nov 14
A unified platform saves time and cost while providing effective risk management.
30 Sep 14
Find out what he will speak about.
27 Feb 14
ABB offers a complete portfolio of flexible service solutions that meet the diverse requirements of customers, their plants and the market...
22 Oct 13
The energy's future looks bright for Asia.
13 Sep 13
Find out more about the industrial internet platform built for unique scale of industrial data.
13 Sep 13
A major requirement on electricity supply systems is high supply reliability for the customer – which is mainly determined ...
13 Sep 13
Check out the event highlights.
12 Sep 13
Integrated instrumentation, control and electrical packages for thermal power plants.
9 Jul 13
Over 200 guests expected to participate.
21 May 13
Particularly in China and APAC.
9 May 13
ABB continues to strengthen the Symphony Plus platform with features and functionalities that meet the needs of a varied and changing power...
9 May 13
The industry giant forays into the Mainland with the introduction of the turbocharged 6-cylinder 4006-23TRS gas engine.
3 May 13
Last December Alstom Grid announced it had acquired Canadian Smart Grid technology company ASAT Solutions - a strategic move to offer...
3 May 13
Modularity of hardware and software to meet the changing and individual requirements of modern grids during the whole life cycle...
2 Oct 12
As customers increasingly push to adopt condition-based maintenance for Gas-Insulated Substations (GIS), new opportunities are arising...
2 Oct 12
Castle Peak Power Company Limited, Hong Kong (CAPCO). A joint venture between ExxonMobil Energy Ltd.
30 Sep 12
With its ever growing energy demand, Asia has a great potential to utilize renewable energy resources towards a more secure energy future....
28 Sep 12
Total plant automation for the power generation and water industries.
28 Sep 12
ABB has been in the solar power business for more than 20 years.
30 Aug 12
As the development of ‘micro-grids’ indicates a need for improved distribution system technologies, Alstom Grid provides a...
30 Aug 12
InstaForex equips and educates traders with excellent online instruments for a successful Forex trading.
14 Aug 12
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope...
17 May 12
The company’s purchase of Mincom and Ventyx solidified its position as the second-largest supplier of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)...
28 Mar 12
Find out what the speakers at the 4th China Solar Energy Technology and Investment Congress tackled last March 8-9.
19 Mar 12
Co-located events, POWER-GEN India & Central Asia, Renewable Energy World India & HydroVision India 2012 will bring together more...
8 Mar 12
One hundred twenty industry leaders were present last February 23-24.
5 Mar 12
It will be held on June 20-21 in Shanghai, China.
27 Feb 12
The regional annual conference will run from May 17-18  in Marriott Beijing Northeast, Beijing China.
27 Feb 12
The event will be held at Beijing Marriott Hotel on March 29-30.
3 Jan 12
So what are we looking for? 1.
16 Nov 11
This year’s event held from October 31-November 4 was the best-attended SIEW gathering to date.
2 Nov 11
The AFEF will be the anchor renewable energy forum at the Singapore International Energy Week from 6 – 8 November 2012.
19 Oct 11
Attend comprehensive conferences, exhibitions, and lectures of top people such as Mr Nobuo Tanaka, former Executive Director of the...
28 Sep 11
The Energy Studies Institute says the outlook for residential PV systems is less optimistic in Singapore since more than 80% of Singaporeans...
7 Sep 11
Its total power capacity is set to reach 1,430GW by 2015.
21 Jun 11
In the latest report released by the U.S.
26 May 11
In this day and age when it’s critical how we manage our resources, whether or not we are in an economic slump, the key is...