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​​​​​​​Carbon emissions in India to increase by 36% in 2030

This is above the projected emissions in Europe and the US.

​​​​​​​Carbon emissions in India to increase by 36% in 2030

This is above the projected emissions in Europe and the US.

Fossil fuel emissions to peak by 2025: report

Carbon emissions are expected to hit 39Gtpa in two years. 

Low-carbon investments in Australia to climb by 23%: report

The market will follow Africa which is expected to see the highest investment growth.

Asia’s low-carbon investment to increase 12% YoY in 2023

Africa is expected to see the highest growth of 26%.

Low-carbon projects spending to increase 10% YoY in 2023: Rystad

This is a slowdown compared to the average of around 20% increase in recent years.

China may need 4,300GW storage capacity by 2050: report

This is to help back up renewables’ intermittency. 

China’s renewables could grow up to 6,000GW by 2050

Power demand is projected to reach 13,600TWh by 2050.

Asia turns to coal amidst a global energy crisis

India and China are amongst the markets that have increased coal production for energy security.

LNG investments to reach $42b annually in 2024: report

This is 20 times the investments seen in 2020 which amounted to $2b. 

Asia to lead solar PV recycling markets

It will be followed by North America and Europe.

Global energy security at risk as recoverable oil drops

Global recoverable oil is estimated at 1.57 trillion barrels, 9% down from last year.

Asia overtakes Europe as key importer of seaborne Russian oil: report

India’s imports alone grew 658% against 2021 levels. 

Offshore wind CAPEX in China to decline in next decade: report

Capital expenditure in the market is expected to drop to $7.7b in 2030.

Probe of solar imports from Southeast Asia may cost US 17.5GW new capacity

The probe involved imports from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Energy spending to hit record high of over $2t in 2022: report

This will be led largely by oil and gas, Rystad Energy projected.

Could phase-outs harm Asia’s nuclear energy growth?

The region is expected to bring 30GW in electricity per year with 32 reactors under construction.