Asia Nuclear Energy

South Korea, UK strengthen nuclear energy partnership

A total of nine MOUs were signed between the two countries.

South Korea, UK strengthen nuclear energy partnership

A total of nine MOUs were signed between the two countries.

South Korea sets up public-private SMR Alliance

The Alliance is composed of 11 government agencies and 31 private firms.

Barakah One finishes refinancing of UAE’s nuclear plant

The Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant capacity will reach 5.6GW upon Unit 4’s completion.

LNG demand in South Korea to remain high despite nuclear power expansion

The market will continue relying on LNG for primary backup fuel amidst its energy transition.

Fresh push for nuclear power dims LNG expansion in South Korea

The government plans to boost nuclear power generation to 32.4% by 2030.

How can markets ramp up nuclear power deployment?

Nuclear power deployment is being held up by high costs.

Nuclear power’s share in APAC’s power generation to grow to 8% in 2050: report

It accounted for only 5% of APAC’s power generation in 2021. 

JAIF strengthens ties with nucleareurope

The MoU signed reflects recent changes in nuclear circumstances.

Nuclear could account for about 9% of India’s electricity by 2037

It aims to reach 20GW of nuclear power generation by 2030.

SMRs may deliver their climate promise too little, too late 

As these nuclear reactors are still in development, their wide deployment is unlikely, analysts say. 

South Korea proposes measures to boost exports of nuclear plant equipment

One of the measures included expanding joint project entries of nuclear power plant companies.

Nuclear ‘renaissance’ is possible despite hurdles: Wood Mackenzie

National governments will need to address more than just competitive costs and innovations. 

Increased investments could lower SMR cost to competitive levels by 2050

SMRs can be a viable competitor with renewable energy, Wood Mackenzie noted. 

Policy support for nuclear power expands in 2022

This comes as markets look for a more low-carbon energy supply, Wood Mackenzie reported. 

Are small modular reactors the climate solution they claim to be? 

The SMR market is expected to reach 21GW by 2035, the Nuclear Energy Agency reported. 

Southeast Asia's nuclear ambitions dashed by public opinion

As of 2023, there are 422 operable nuclear power reactors in the world, but none from SEA.

Japan, US governments asked to beef up nuclear energy dev't

 The JAIF and NEI asked the two governments to improve the energy market and regulation.