energy report

Wind market needs to train nearly half a million workers: GWEC

This is to safely meet market expansion expected in the next five years.

Malaysia to boost renewable energy capacity to 40% by 2035

The country plans to double renewable energy capacity to 18 GW.

Japan unlikely to meet 46% reduction in emission target: WoodMac

Renewables are playing their part but facing significant challenges.

New renewables trumps cheapest fossil fuel on cost

2020’s new renewable project additions will save an estimated $156b.

Wind and solar investments to hit $1.3t by 2030 in APAC: WoodMackenzie

Fossil fuel power investment will see a loss of $54b a year.

 Australia rejects massive 26 GW renewable energy hub

The government cited environmental concerns as its reason for dismissing the proposed $36b power project.

China spearheads global wind power growth: report

The government’s ambitious climate goals supported renewables in the country.